Friday, December 4, 2009

Creating Jobs

It shouldn't be surprising that Barack Hussein Obama holds another job summit to create the illusion of progress. Who does he invite, but the likes of the SEIU. These union assclowns never created one single job; yet can figure out how to get three or four deadheads hired to do one single job (obviously that someone else creates). Why ask these parasites how to make things better, as these idiots are nothing but life sucking parasites on the ass of economic growth. I hope all the Bush hating Independents that helped elect this Socialist moron to the Presidency gets a good dose of hope and change.

It would be nice if the socialist Democrats finally understoood the Health Care and Cap and Trade Bills looming are killing jobs. No one wants to hire because potential employers don't know what additional costs are coming with passage of either one of these huge tax bills. If we cannot get these clowns out of office soon, we'll all be standing in soup lines.