Friday, February 27, 2009

Sabaton Panzer Battalion

Since our Commander in Chief, BO didn't bother in his address to Congress, I'd like to thank our soldiers, marines, and sailors for the great victory in Iraq. I hope that these Iraqis remember the cost of their freedom. As Europe has already forgotten the American blood spilled on their behalf, it doesn't look good. However, history and eternity will herald your courage.

The Audacity of Hopelessness

The more I think about this porkulus, the more hopeless I feel. Many of us thought Bush's ridiculous bail out of banks (TARP) would Obama-proof our economy. Man, was that ever a miscalculation. I can't believe the spending he and his pardners in crime (Congress) are planning in the first one hundred days. Unbelievable.

On top of higher taxes on the way, paying more for electricity (green energy), removal of deductions, higher prices (due to higher energy prices), our economy is not just going to wobble, its going to sink like a f'ing battleship.

What is going to make me, or any other entrepreneur to work 60 to 80 hours a week to start a business, if the Government is going to help themselves to the first six months of my labor? Screw that. I'll just sit on my ass like the other free loaders and wait around for a Government handout. Democrats haven't a clue how wealth is created.

Folks, if we can't elect some opposition in 2010 to undo some of this horror, our future as a wealthy and free country is dismal at best. The audacity of hope has become my worst nightmare.

Monday, February 23, 2009

An Interesting Event in Victoria Texas

Victoria, Texas (pop. 55,000) is a town about 80 miles west of Houston.

Local Hispanic leaders there, in opposition to pending Immigration Legislation, boycotted all Caucasian owned businesses in theVictoria area this past weekend as a demonstration of their economic impact on the community. The boycott was declared a success by the Hispanic community, noting that revenue in Caucasian owned businesses was down by 19%.

Business owners declared the boycott a success as well, pointing out that shoplifting was reduced by 77%, money orders sent out of the country were down by 97%,and the cost of daily clean-up and trash collection was down by 84%. Shoppers reported that they could actually hear English being spoken throughout the community for the first time in recent memory, and customers actually paid for purchases with real money, not government debit cards.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Urine Test to Qualify for Public Assistance

This was written by a construction worker in Fort McMurray .

Read on . . . I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes, and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to earn that pay check, I work on a rig site for a Fort McMurray construction project. At any time I am required to pass a random urine test, with which I have no problem. HOWEVER, what I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Understand - I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do on the other hand have a problem with helping someone sit on their ass, drink beer and smoke dope. Could you imagine how much money this country would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check?

Eleven of the Best Ways to Get Banned From Walmart.

Number 11: Take 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in other
people's carts when they arn't looking.

Number 10: Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute

Number 9: Walk up to an employee and tell her in an official voice,
'Code 3 in Housewares, and to get on it right away. '

Number 8: Go to the Service Desk and insist on putting a bag of M&M's on layaway.

Number 7: Move a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

Number 6: When a clerk asks you if they can help you, begin crying and scream, 'Why can't you people just leave me alone?'

Number 5: Look right into a security camera and pick your nose.

Number 4: While handling guns in the hunting department, then ask the clerk where the anti-depressants are.

Number 3: Dart around the store suspiciously while loudly humming the 'Mission Impossible' theme.

Number 2 : When an announcement comes over the loud speaker, assumed a fetal position and screamed 'OH NO! IT'S THOSE VOICES AGAIN!'

Number 1 way to be banned from Walmart.. Go into a fitting room, shut the door, wait awhile, then yell very loudly, 'Hey! There's no toilet paper in here!'

Henrietta Hughs...Moving on Up to the East Side.

How touching.

The saga of Henrietta Hughs, who somehow managed to cart her goat smelling ass to Florida from New York, for this chance encounter with the Messiah, the anointed one, to ask for a place to live. You see, what poor Henrietta didn't know that the Messiah already had an illegal alien aunt on public assistance, and a half brother in Kenya living inside a card board box. Like the empty suit he truly is, Obama hands her off to one of his 'staff'. It actually took a Republican Rep to provide a roof for Henrietta....and with little doubt, ungrateful Henrietta thanked the Messiah for the generosity of someone else. The Messiah, a liberal through and through, is very long as its not his money.

God help me, I'm so sick of these people with their hand out. Able bodied people, begging the President of the United States to provide a house, food, health care, everything but a job.

When did the burden of Henrietta Hughs existence become my responsibility? I am just say in. I know that sounds hard ass, but that's exactly what people like Henrietta need (a good solid direct kick to the ass). No more hand outs. Time to get to work. I know people like this, and compassion is wasted on them. Henrietta needs to learn that laziness always leads to poverty, and that hunger should always lead to work.

Nadya Suleman is another blazing example of welfare class, who believes the public owes her a living. Isn't it about time these people finally felt the consequences of their own irresponsibility? Even desperate circumstances never led either one of these welfare queens to a job. Its enlightening that these royal Highness's of public assistance didn't loose once ounce of lard (ass) in the pursuit of useful effort.

I'm pissed. I'm furious that I, and you (if you have a job), have to foot the bill for this pathetic pool of genetic losers that continue to bury their parasitic pie holes deep into our hides like wretched ticks.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Going Home- Its Still Worth Fighting For, Even If We Loose.

America is still worth fighting for...this theme of 'Gods and Generals' inspires me to press on. We may be out numbered, but we stand for what is right. As once was said, success does not make right, nor is fairness the synonym of justice. I only have to look at the other side, to see atheists, sodomites, socialists, marxists, anarchists, abortionists, all standing on the other side, and it gives me great hope that we conservatives are standing on Gods side, through the mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord..

This past election was painful, but as one Japanese provide states " knocked down seven times, stand up eight".

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

REFORM Should be the 2012 Campaign Message.

I believe the GOP better start getting a message together, and I believe Palin had it. REFORM.

Hows that? A spin off of Ronald Reagan's famous chestnut, Trust but Verify. I believe it originally came from a Russian proverb, but it works nonetheless.

Reform to the fair tax and make our exports competitive again and put Americans back to work. Get rid of the IRS.

Reform Government, whittling it back as fast as we can. Get rid of the Department of Education and give those dollars back to the States.

Reform Energy Policy, making us independent of oil by domestic production, nuclear power, clean coal, and leverage wind/solar where it might make sense.

Reform SEC to better regulate business and securities fraud.

Reform the CNA, and loan only to those who can pay it back.

Reform spending, and finally passing a line item veto for Federal budgets.

Reform the Government by establishing, by referendum, that the federal Government has limits and will not effect the free market exchange of goods. Reaffirm the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.

Can you add to this Reform platform?

Pelosi's Expensive Mouse

The 30,000,000 dollars slated for the preservation of the salt water mouse, just how many of these critters are out there (how much is each mouse worth)? Lets say, since its endangered, that there are 10,000 of these creatures stirring around in the coastal grasses of San Fransicko. That's roughly 3 thousand dollars per mouse. That mouse costs more than every dog I've ever owned my entire life, more than my big screen TV set cost, and an amount totaling way over my beer budget for the next five years. One f'ing mouse.

Wouldn't be cheaper just to kill the cats? I'm just sayin, save a mouse, kill a cat. Sorry, I'm not a cat person.

This stuff is so ridiculous, its beyond debate. The stimulus bill has to be an admission by Congress and BO that they haven't an f'ing clue what their doing. We have got to restore some Congressional opposition in 2010, to pull some of this mindless spending back or we're screwed as a country.

You couple this with every third world tin horn beating their chests that the US needs to start seeing things their way...your honor, I rest my case.
God gave the human species a brain to reason, and many in November voted with the wrong organ. The heart is emotional, but the brain uses reason. Decisions can't be made based on the way we feel, but based on reason. Don't ever vote with your heart, use your brain. The Obongos (bong inhaling Obama supporters) need to sober up and start thinking, instead of letting emotional "Bush lied thousands died" rhetoric short circuit their brains. Obama has to go.
Hey Hey
Ho Ho
Barack Obama's got to go.
Hey Hey
Ho Ho,
Socialism just say no

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Its Time to Fight Back Fellow Conservatives

"It is joyous in the midst of perilous times to look around upon a people united in heart, where one purpose of high resolve animates and actuates the whole; where the sacrifices to be made are not weighed in the balance against honor and right and liberty and equality. Obstacles may retard, but they cannot long prevent, the progress of a movement sanctified by its justice and sustained by a virtuous people. Reverently let us invoke the God of our fathers to guide and protect us in our efforts to perpetuate the principles which by his blessing they were able to vindicate, establish, and transmit to their posterity. With the continuance of his favor ever gratefully acknowledged, we may hopefully look forward to success, to peace, and to prosperity".

Jefferson Davis, first inaugural address.

Although trambled into the dust by tyrants, truth will rise again.

Geert Wilders is a hero. Hate speech legislation and political correctness is stifling free speech worldwide. Mr. Wilders, a member of the EU Parliment was barred from entering the UK because his his film, FITNA, offended Muslims. Free speech is naturally offensive, and tyrants will always object. Will Bolsheviks workwide cooperate with Muslim extremism to enforce Sharia Law (stamping out any criticism of Muslim extemism)? See the film by clicking the link on my MUST SEE list (above in left pane of this site).

A Chamberlain Moment

Stephen Brown
Friday, February 13, 2009
It was a watershed moment of capitulation.

On Thursday, February 12, visiting Dutch politician Geert Wilders was humiliatingly bundled back on to a plane to his native Holland shortly after arriving in London. Wilders had been invited to show his controversial, 17-minute documentary film, Fitna, in Britain’s House of Lords but was warned in a letter from the British Home Office last Tuesday he would be denied entry to the country. As reasons for his being declared persona non grata, Wilders was told in the letter he would “threaten community harmony and therefore public security.” The directive never stated, however, that the statements Wilders made in Fitna are false or misleading in any way.

A Muslim lord, Nazir Ahmed, and other Muslim leaders had vigorously
protested Wilders’ visit, causing an initial invitation to be rescinded. It was reported that Ahmed had even threatened to mobilize 10,000 fellow Muslims to block Wilders from entering Westminster, a report Ahmed now denies. A cooler-headed peer, Lord Pearson, appalled at this attack on free speech, reissued the invitation to Wilders.

Daring the British government to put him in handcuffs, Wilders defiantly flew to Heathrow airport with the new invitation in his pocket. During the flight, Wilders expressed his opinion of Britain’s Labour government and its attempt to block his entry, telling the
TimesOnline that it was now “more Chamberlain than Churchill.”

The Goose is Finally Cooked- The Second Saint Valentines Massacre

The Stimulus I suppose is done. Money will pour into allies of the Democrat party under the seedy direction of Rahm Emanuel. Democrats voted for this bill without reading it. This may be regarded as the second Saint Valentines Massacre.

Change is coming, but no one know what it is. This is scary stuff. It feels like the United States has been taken over by some banana republic government. The crazy socialist Senator from Vermont, Leahy, wants to begin tribunals to investigate the Bush administration for a list of liberal generated 'offenses' surrounding torture and surveillance. Reminds me of the so-called truth commissions conducted in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We are truely moving to third world status politically and financially. What is more troubling about this is a recent US Gallup Poll that indicates 60 percent of us want some sort of independent investigation, or even criminal charges filed against the Bush administration. Can this be true? With unemployment, war, and terrorism afflicting us, is it possible that a majority of Americans want to waste time and money to pursue a policy of political revenge? If so, we are in big trouble. I would have liked to have seen investigations of the FNC and Mark Rich pardons by the Clinton administration. However, our better angels urged us to move on, so we did. That's good advice for Democrats that want to embroil the country in endless investigations.

BO then moves to control the census. As Stalin said, he who votes doesn't decide anything, but he who counts the votes decides everything. The prospect of ACORN running the US census is absolutely frightening. Is this the change we can believe in? Those of us who didn't support Barack Obama hoped and prayed he would govern from the center. His actions of the first three weeks indicates that he is taking a hard left. Could it perhaps mean that he is trying to get all of the political graft done first (as Clinton did during his first term), then move to the center? This would give folks four years to forget all this in time for his second term. I don't think so.

I think Barack Obama is the most dishonest politician that ever entered office. How anyone could believe that he was surprised by the radicalism of his minister, Reverend Wright, or that he didn't know Bill Ayers was a former American radical and terrorist at the time Ayers hosted a "meet the candidate" event. Its just too much for me to get past. I believe BO will lie about anything, and nothing he eloquently states is worthy of belief. He lied about transparency, the stimulus bill rocketed through without any analysis of whats in it. His minions put it out at midnight, and voted on it before lunch the next day. Over one thousand pages, in PDF format, so those who tried to review it couldn't perform key word searches to get some idea what is in this package. Republican Senators Specter, Snowe, and Collins just gave the keys to the store to this radical administration... to spend 1,000 billion dollar bills. No pork; this thing is the whole pig.

The audacity of hope may mean the audacity of transforming the United States into a socialist state right in front of us while he channels Abraham Lincoln. BOs giant goose is finally done, and now our children's children will be trying to eat it for decades to come. Beam me up, Scotty.