Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Missouri's Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill, just one of the assclowns supporting this abortion of a healthcare bill. Its difficult for me to believe, the State that hosts one of the most visited destinations for Senior Citizens (Branson) would support this horrible bill. This bill guts Medicare, removes Medicare Advantage, and raises deficits and taxes that generations will pay forever. Perhaps, this bill will cause the United States to collaspe entirely. Claire McCaskill is one of 60 Socialists assclowns strangling our Republic. She deserves the scorn of all Patriots.

The remaining GOP Senators need to fight the “Battle of the Alamo”. The courtesy of allowing this vote to move forward without procedural wait times is unacceptable. I realize they want their staffs to get home for Christmas, but this is too important to let go. Everyday they resist, the lame stream media must cover that resistance. Like the Alamo of old, this buys valuable time to build the resistance movement that will sweep Democrats out of office in 2010.No more playing nice. We are dealing with Chicago thugs. This disaster must be repealed.

We need common sense healthcare reform. We don't need this bill. We must start over. Its too important.

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