Saturday, December 12, 2009

On the OUTSIDE Looking In

The Gulf Stream jets, Limos, and whores lined up again to pick up the celebrities and dignitaries for the big Climate Change summit in Copenhagen. Caviar wedges and the finest of wine were flowing in generous quantities. You were not invited, but you’ll pick up the check. No expense or carbons were spared to transport, feed, and house these delegates in ‘abject’ luxury. Their concern, and objective, of course is to determine how the rest of us should live. This has never been about “their” hypocritical lifestyle, but how we…the unwashed masses…abuse the planet. In no case to they intend to live by example, but to place restrictions that will ultimately impact jobs and the larger economy. Like our US Congress, they care little about what we want. This is why our elected Representatives charge ahead with Cap and Trade and this abortion of a Health Care bill.
If you are afraid of the excesses and power of a central Federal Government, be very afraid now. President Hussein intends to put the United States under the governance of world bodies that will dictate how the US uses its own resources. You see, Liberals, and especially our President doesn’t believe America is exceptional. They believe we haven’t been a force for good. These are the people you folks put in charge.

Is this the people we’ve now become?

I hope not, because if that’s true the light illuminating the shining city on the hill just went out.

This climate change game is to enrich the ALGOREs and GEs who are counting on benefiting from Cap and Trade and other countries who think America has become too powerful...too exceptional. We must be stopped, and Barack Hussein Obama intends to do it. He said to his allies, "we are who we've been waiting for".

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