Monday, December 21, 2009

Thanks to You... Democrats...The Commies are Dancing

News Flash....the Socialist Democrat Party are certainly causing a ruckus in Communist Nirvana. A big celebration concerning the recent news that the USA is quickly crumbling from the inside under the leadership of Comrade Hussein.

Khrushchev was right.
"On another occasion, Khrushchev said in reference to capitalism, "Мы вас похороним!" (My vas pokhoronim!), translated to "We will bury you". This phrase, ambiguous both in the English language and in the Russian language, was interpreted in several ways. Later, he would refer back to the comment and state, "I once got in trouble for saying, 'We will bury you'. Of course, we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you".
Thank you ACORN and Illegal Aliens for finally making Khrushchev's dream come true.

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