Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hey OBAMA, Leave Those Kids Alone!!!

Shouldn't Presidents NOT send politically charged curriculum directly to the classroom? If Bush had done this, it would have been necessary to scrape the ACLU and liberal MSM off the ceiling. Prompting teachers to ask, "what is the President inspiring you to do?", or "how can you help the President?"'ve got to be kidding??? This one is out of Saul Alenski's playbook. Some apt words to describe this...frightening, sickening, creepy. I would expect something like this to occur in North Korea, but not the USA. Obama is not the "Dear Leader". Look at this one as well.


SactoDan said...

I am not a fan of Obama's. I rag him constantly at the National Republicrat blog.

I watched the speech he gave the schools with my 17 year old, and it was free of politics.

It did contain a good message of hard work and responsibility.

One thing I hated about the criticism of GW when he was President was the relentlessness of it. No one is wrong all the time and the left wouldn't give Bush props when he deserved it.

Obama is a lefty and I do not agree with him on policy, but this was not one of those times. I believe some students will be motivated positively by the speech, and that is a good thing, no matter what party one is or isn't a member of.

Poor Wilber said...

I think in principle, I would agree. The President, whoever the President is, should be able to speak to the kids about working hard and staying in school. My beef was the curriculum developed by the DOE. It was way out of line. The criticism we generated forced them to revise it. Thats a good thing. That revision would not have happened without the criticism. I suspect the speech was modified as well due to the outcry. I have no doubt the Democrats would have been equally vocal if a Republican DOE generated curriculum and distributed it directly to schools. I appreciate your comments.