Saturday, September 28, 2013

RINO's Fear Paper Tiger Obama

RINOs have been intimidated by Obama, why I don't know. Obama has caved into Putin, Assad, Rouhani, so why are Republicans so afraid?    Because the MSM blamed them for a shutdown 20 years ago? The Republicans would have won that standoff, if Bob Dole hadn't caved.

The truth is this, Clinton's approval rating actually fell significantly during the shutdown of 1996. "According to media commentators, this indicated that the general public blamed the President for the government shutdown. However, once it had ended his approval ratings rose to their highest since his election." The reason his approval rating went up, was that he "won".

RINO's attacking Cruz and Lee are the worst of the scoundrels,  McCain, Corker, Peter King (NY) just to name a few.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

On Immigration

I don't think its relevant that people want to come here. What is relevant is what they bring with them in terms of skills and capital. We don't need to import affirmative action beneficiaries on taxpayer funded scholarships so they can achieve their American dream. My question is what about the people who live here and pay the taxes? Lets have a discussion about us, our children, their future, and not the plight of foreigners who illegally penetrate our borders, submit fraudulent work applications, lower wages for American workers, and overwhelm our schools and hospitals.