Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Days and Monuments to Come

Well America, we've finally done it….elected a President who has placed Marxist rabble rousers in his administration, who's embraced Saul Alinsky’s radical code of conduct, who's routinely ridiculed his own country on foreign soil, and who has managed to tripled the Bush deficits in less than two years. We are a great nation tumbling down, much like the twin towers on 9-11. I fear the Memorial Days and Momuments yet to come.

So, what the hell were we thinking? We are stuck in a great predicament of our own making. This is the purchase of white guilt and 50 years of political correctness. I look upon a nation that issues drivers tests in 12 different languages while tolerating political leaders that care more for the rights of invading Mexicans than American citizens they pretend to represent.

I feel like a stranger in a strange land. Certainly Judeo Christian values are still present in America, but our leaders and their minions no longer possess them. The Obama administration seems much like an occupying regime. Today I walk down the familiar streets of my childhood and observe signs written in foreign tongues and their rapid cadence also heard everywhere.

Even military leaders with whom I give much deference too, now speak the jargon of the Gay and special interest agenda. These values are as foreign to me as the languages spoken on American streets. My God, what happened to us? Our diversity has never been our strength. Diversity has always been something to overcome. Our strength has never been diversity, which is the fiction of white guilt. Strength comes from unity, and unity alone. It is achieved by overlooking diversity. Our unity is our strength….E pluribus unum,,,remember that? Out of many, one. Its found on the seal of the Presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives. Its original meaning suggests that out of many colonies or states emerged a single nation. Never mind the original meaning of that, the Constitution, or even Memorial Day.

When I can no longer look to the north, south, east or west , and see fellow countrymen… then I must revert back to tribal “clans” for political resolution and peace of mind. The United States is fragmenting or “balkanizing” into squabbling ethnic groups. You might as well join one for your own protection. The National Government, or what’s becoming of it, will no longer protect you or your children. As Governor Brewer of Arizona recently lamented, “a nation without borders is like a house without walls”… so they both eventually will collapse.

The last straw has finally fallen on the back of this American camel. I will not accept an Al Queda monument on near ground zero in NY. The Islamists will open it on 9-11, 2011. This is obviously an ‘in your face’ celebration of the jihad on sacred ground. If you don’t get this by now, you never will. Much must be done to resist the audacity of the Islamist movement, and President Barack Hussein Obama and his bolshevic administration do all they can to make it easier for Islamic radicals to establish a foothold on the American continent. Wake on this Memorial Day, America.

Poor Wilber will have many more thoughts on this topic in the days to come.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kagan..General Thoughts

Hate crimes legislation is the next step by Stalinist leftists (Progressives) to stifle free speech in America. Stalin used to throw opponents in mental institutions. In the US, we call it mandatory "sensitivity training". If you're spewing speech the left doesn’t like, you may be a prime candidate for required sensitivity training (or known as reeducation camps in Commie circles).

Unelected judges ruling as tyrants will lead to trouble. If activist judges rule by fiat, and do not stick to strict constructionist principles, we will loose our freedom one ruling at a time.

We've had this kind of thing in America before. The Lincoln administration at one time went so far as to bar the use of the postal system for newspapers that disagreed with his administration. This of course ruined the newspapers. The Lincoln administration went still further and threw newspapermen in jail without charges. As you can imagine, he received great press once this policy went into effect. Too bad they were not clever enough to claim they were only stopping the spread of hate speech, then Lincoln would have been proclaimed a God.

An American conservative commentator was recently threatened in Canada with criminal prosecution for speaking her mind. Progressives are nothing but Stalinist leftists in disguise. They purport freedom of speech, as long as its speech they agree with. The USA isn’t Canada yet, but with judges like Kagan, we are not far away. Religious leaders have much to fear from Progressives gaining further inroads into our government and judiciary.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boycott LA--BUYCOTT Arizona

All conservative organizations should cancel all contracts with the city of Los Angeles. This city, which is now a de-facto Mexican City... dirty, corrupt, and bankrupt... should be avoided at all costs. In this racist city, white people can easily get themselves killed should they venture into the wrong neighborhood. While traveling there on business several years ago, I made a wrong turn into Compton. The looks of hatred and anger I received while passing residents on the street was suffocating.

Needless to say, I got my white ass out of the AO as quickly as I could get the car turned around. Images of the Rodney King riots ran through my head, as white people driving through there were singled out, pulled out of their cars, and nearly beaten to death. As they give sanctuary to criminal aliens (i.e. MS-13) , the city is not safe for any European-American. The racism is horrific.The greatest blessing to the USA would be that both LA and San Francisco slip off into the Pacific ocean during the next earthquake.

BTW, notice Al Gore must not be worrying about Global Warming anymore, as he recently purchased a 9 million dollar mansion on the Pacific coast. Al was telling the rest of us that global warming would raise sea levels and flood the very area he is currently occupying. hmmm.

Folks, change your vacation plans to Arizona. The Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, Sedona, all beautiful scenery and terrific weather. BuyCott Arizona. Make your reservations today!!!

Thank God for brave Arizona. I hope other States join Arizona in passing the new immigration law. Support them.