Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fight or Die

Not unexpected, that Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska was finally bought off by one of Harry Reid's backroom deals. These Democrat assclowns are getting ready to change our healthcare delivery system without even reading the bill. They are not Statesmen, but a corrupt gaggle of wheelers and dealers who hide from us the fruits of their evil labor.

Folks, this is it. We have to take a stand now. There won't be time to do it later. The Socialists are succeeding in taking over our banks, auto industry, and now the healthcare system. They are also moving rapidly to take over energy companies under the guise of the climate change hoax (Cap and Trade). Its time for all Patriots to stand against the rise of Government tyranny.

Lets raise flags of defiance to boldly fly in the face of these damn Socialists. These bastards are busily strangling our free Republic. We must resist with all urgency, there is no time to waste. Light the torches, build the parapits, dig the trenches, fix bayonets, and brace yourselves for the fight of a lifetime. The Socialists are behind the wire. Now is the before its too late.

The grand experiment in freedom, the light of the world, our American Republic, is in grave danger. Ride to the sound of gunfire. Let the enemies of freedom tremble at our approach.

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