Sunday, December 13, 2009

Judeo Christian Choice

I've been doing some thinking about our Judeo Christian heritage, and all that's at risk with the rise of secular humanism.

As incredible question as it might be to raise.... especially during the Christmas season... but have you considered that the freedom to "hate" is the only thing that will sustain the freedom to love? Take for example secular humanist liberals favorite subject, hate crime legislation. Hate crime legislation limits choice to hold certain beliefs and will eventually become the chain that binds any freedom of thought. Without the Judeo-Christian world view, secular humanist authority becomes the supreme arbiter of what hate is or is not. By having no supreme arbitor (God), secular humanists will decide for us.

We see examples of this bubbling up in science and culture already. To have a different opinion about evolution, climate change, or homosexual marriage are the best examples. Advocates of contrary points of view are labeled flat earthers, deniers, haters, or homophobes. Secularists don't allow or tolerate disagreement. Careers are ruined, reputations destroyed, or lawsuits launched for expressing points of view contrary to the secular humanist definition of "settled" science or moral relativity.

Hate crime legislation already legislates thought, and increases the punishment of the criminal based on what the criminal was thinking when he or she committed the crime. This of course destroys the concept of equal protection under the law. Beware, once the secular humanist becomes the supreme arbiter of relative morality, then they decide all.

Without the Judeo-Christian world view, there will no longer be freewill or choice. All views contrary to the secular humanist view will be regarded as hate, and those views will eventually be made illegal. That's the brave new world we are creating if we don't turn back quickly to our Christian heritage.

In the Declaration of Independence, we proclaimed we had inalienable rights (God Given). We cannot allow secular humanists to declare there is no God in the founding of this country. Without unalienable rights...the State decides. Do you see the danger now?

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