Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Terrorist Attack Under Obama

As Major Hasan at Ft. Hood claimed more American lives, now a Nigerian almost succeeded in destroying another airliner on Christmas day. Socialist Democrats in Congress scramble to make excuses as to why this individual, who was reported by his father, wasn't put on a no-fly list. I've got the answer already. PC=Political Correctness. It was political correctness that allowed Major Hasan total access inside a secure Army post, and it was political correctness that allowed the Nigerian to board an aircraft with a bomb sewn inside his shit stained undershorts.

Its time we start profiling, by identifying most likely suspects and strip searching them before they get aboard commercial airliners. We waste so much time and effort searching our Grandmas and Grandpas while ragheads from Islamic parts of the world walk aboard unmolested. The reason...random searches...its more "fair". I'm sure the Socialist Democrats in Congress will find a way to blame the Bush administration for this latest attack.

Political correctness almost killed over 200 individuals on that plane. Obama sympathizes with the cause of why terrorists want to kill us. Its American arrogance and exceptionalism. His weak feckless soft power approach makes us a much more likely victim. The wolf hunts the lame and weak, not the strong and fierce.

Barack Hussein Obama....mmmm....mmmm.....mmmm. I'm certain as a result of this attack, the answer will be more random searches insuring many more pairs of Grandma undies are cleared of any explosive devices. TSA to the rescue. Do you feel safer?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you are an idiot. Hmmm, perhaps the Major was allowed access because HE WAS AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE MILITARY. Curious whom you blame for the WTC attack that occurred 9 months into W's presidency. I assume you blame Obama, as reality seems to mean very little to you.