Thursday, December 31, 2009

Push All Muslims Through the Body Scanners

As the controversy over the failure of DHS to stop a known Jihadist (the Nigerian) from boarding an American Airliner builds, the increased use of body scanning technology surfaces once again adding new controversy. TSA can be depended on to implement use of these things in the most inefficient manner possible. Perhaps we should all just wear our underwear on the outside of our pants so TSA can inspect them more closely.

I understand the objections to these things, as the image of TSA agents sitting behind the monitors snickering as young women with generous "racks" submit in the name of security. Lotee-dotee everybody on a random basis will be pushed through these electronic peep shows which is the usual TSA cookie cutter bureaucratic approach to creating the illusion of security. Muslims escaping this ineffective dragnet will march right onto the airplane without a second glance (just as the Nigerian did).

OK boys and girls, its time to grow up and realize how truly stupid this PC driven security system is. I'd say somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 percent of people trying to blow up airplanes today are,....ummm...Muslim. So instead of wasting finite resources checking out every traveling Grannie's nylon undies (or Grandpa's sagging boxer shorts) through an airport scanner, profile by forcing all identifiable Muslims through the scanners for secondary searches.

Is what I suggested perfectly fair? No. Does it make perfect sense in light of what we know? Yes. Therefore, if you are a Muslim, if you look Muslim, are from Muslim country, or even have a Muslim sounding name, you're going into that scanner buddy....before you set foot on any US airplane. Other suspicious characters should go through as well, but the spotlight should absolutely be on the entire identifiable Muslim population boarding US airplanes. In that demographic, you cannot separate the bomb carriers from the enablers and/or indifferent.
Muslims must understand the necessity, for their own survival depends on it ... unless they too are willing to die as martyrs.

I read that Muslim men especially would be offended if their wives went through a scanner. I say all the better, especially if it keeps this risky demographic off our commercial aircraft. Amen.

Until the Muslim jihadists stop their insane quest to impose Sharia law using terrorism, this must be done. Its Muslims that have the motive to blow our planes out of the sky, and its Muslims that bare watching with great intensity.

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