Saturday, February 27, 2010

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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Different Kind of Communist Party- Democrat Health Care

Barrack Hussein Obama...mmm...mmm...mmm, has completed his health care summit with the Republicans at Blair House. This was his answer to transparency in Government...finally C-SPAN covering the negotiations. I actually wanted to see his negotiations with the SEIU and UAW. That would have been far more interesting to watch. Now that BO has done his obligatory photo op to create the illusion of bi-partisanship, he is now free to use reconciliation to ram this health care abortion down our throats. I can only hope the arrogance on display during this event will force the American public to kill this bill in the House of Representatives. Get on the phone folks, the Commies are dancing.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poor Wilber Is Changing His Views On Debra Medina- Again

Candidate for Texas Governer, Mrs. Medina, did finally announce that she finds the 9-11 Truther movement despicable. Good. I'm back on board. I wish she had responded more quickly after she appeared to sympathize with those views on the Glenn Beck show. I could not support a candidate that held such controversial views. It would have reflected on her judgement and ability to reason. Her recent denouncement of this movement indicates that she is grounded in reality after all. I will vote for Mrs. Medina in the primary.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gingrich-Better Than I Have Ever Seen Him. I call this the "To Arms" speech.

This is a very inspiring speech. Although the starts a little slow, it has a powerful conclusion. No matter how you feel about the Newt, you cannot help but get a large lump in your throat from listening to what I think is the best I've ever heard out of the former Speaker.

Pelosi- A Horrible Women...Said on CNN?

I'm must have missed this...but Cafferty on CNN actually criticized Nancy Pelosi for her December trip to Copenhagen to attend the Global Warming conference. She used three military jets and spent millions in taxpayer money take her friends on a European vacation during the worst recession in many years. Next time Pelosi comments about how much she cares about the American people...I hope they remember this outrage.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Homosexual Marriage...Not in Texas

Marriage is a legal institution to provide legal status to children. Again, and again, and again, the State of Texas is not governing love, but establishing an institution that’s in its best interest. That interest is constructing the best platform for raising healthy children inside homes with a Mother and Father. That result is indisputable. Children (by and large) who are raised in these homes get better grades, are less likely to be criminals, are less likely to have babies outside of marriage. Homosexual marriage, in contrast, provides no value to the State at all, but encourages unhealthy sexual practices that will add costs to an already overtaxed healthcare system.

Heterosexual marriage does not simply involve procreation, but provides healthy families that will raise balanced children who will eventually become patriotic taxpaying citizens. Without balanced children growing up to adulthood, the State would not exist. Since Europe has already bought into the Gay marriage agenda, and has failed to endorse and encourage strong heterosexual families, their not even replacing themselves. When the State redefines marriage to mean ‘anything goes’, young heterosexuals in Europe have changed attitudes about marriage and are no longer interested in engaging in long term relationships (or producing healthy children) as the societal norm. Sure, they continue to be interested in sex, and occasional have procreation accidents, which is what keeps the abortion mills in the business of killing children before they draw their first breath. Look at the Hollywood culture today…I rest my case.

In California, who has bought into the “gay” agenda, is a collapsing mess,…economically, structurally, and morally. We in Texas are trying to preserve American traditional values, and insure those values are preserved. Licensed marriage by the State of Texas is not about LOVE, unless someone can show me in the law where loving your partner is a requirement. The legal requirement is that you have to be of legal age and opposite sex. Some arguments that childless couples should not be allowed to be married are completely feckless. That cannot be defined in any reasonable sense, as childless couples adopt and/or medical science provides solutions so they might have their own children. In both cases, the child has the best environment to thrive, with both a Mother and a Father. Older couples who marry provide good examples and roll models for younger child bearing heterosexuals, so it helps establish a healthy social order…so it still benefits the State.

Finally, homosexuality is a psycho-sexual disorder, just like pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, cross dressing, etc, and a ever increasing long list of sexual deviate behaviors. Homosexuality was removed from this list by fiat in 1973. Political pressure (as it is today) was brought to bare against the American psychologist and psychiatrist association not by a scientific evaluation, but by a show of hands (a vote). Of course, this group met in San Francisco, so what more can I say. Now the pedophiles in the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) are trying to get pedophilia legalized. Homosexuality is not a gene, birth defect, or anything that can be identified scientifically. This science is much like the recently debunked man-made global warming hoax. In this case, the data was cooked. In the case of homosexuality, there was no supporting data at all (click HERE for more info). Homosexuality is an identity and lifestyle. Homosexuality is a proclivity like many other things. Homosexuality is a psychological disorder. Whatever, it should never be licensed in the State of Texas. God save Texas.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Poor Wilber Is Changing His Views On Debra Medina

Debra Medina is running for Governor of Texas, and self-destructed on the Glenn Beck program on Friday, when she was asked if she supported the 9-11 Truthers (listen here). Then, she follows up with more stupidity the following day (the video above). In this follow-up, she continues to say she is going to 'Champion" the right of others (Truthers) to question their Government (with insane, ridiculous, assertions). Don't get me wrong, questioning the Government and maintaining a healthy degree of skepticism at everything they do is important. But to waste time and energy on this kind of kooky stuff is beyond the pail.

To my great dismay, she didn't say to Glenn Beck when he asked the question..."of course not Glenn, are you crazy, I'm no stink'in Truther"? Did she do that....No....Miss Debra said that she doesn't support those Truther views, but thinks they have some legitimate argument that needs to be vetted. WTF?

OK Debra, then do you feel that way about the American Nazi Party, Communist Party USA, or our friends at NAMBLA. Any crazy organization in America is going to get a seat at your table? Needless to say, I am discouraged and dismayed that I may have to shift my support back to Rick Perry. Holy batshit, Batman.

After the Beck interview, I also found out she was rumored to have worked on the Ron Paul campaign. Now theres a bunch of coconuts, almost as wacky as the Ralph Nadar Greens and his band of Eco warriors. What in the hell was Debra Medina thinking? I'm so pissed off...that I invested in this campaign, and now learn my candidate may be some sort of a nut.

I've been on her Facebook page trying to get to the bottom of this, and I've been confronted by Truthers, Ron Paul memes, and DNC operatives, and people in plain denial over this issue. If these are the voices advising Ms. Medina, she's finished. She needs to denounce the Truther movement in a strong way...and get that out now in a press release. The liberal media is picking up on this controversy, and they're piling in on her side because she looks more like a Libertarian than a Republican to them. The entire world has gone mad.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things Going On I Don't Like

So-called Conservatives making arguments for open "gayness" in the military. Let me state for the record, there is no "Conservative" view of open gayness or gay marriage. What this is actually, is rhetoric from social liberals that happen to hold some fiscal conservative positions. This is the kind of garbage spread by the likes of Cindy McCain (and her skank daughter), Margret Hoover, Lynn Chaney, and other so-called liberal Republicans. There is no "conservative" position on open homosexuality in the military (or so-called "gay" marriage), only liberal ones. At least be honest. Social conservatives believe marriage should be between a man and women, and open homosexuality in the military is counter productive to good order and discipline. There is no Constitutional right to serve in the military. That’s what Conservatives believe, so let there be no confusion.

I am also very concerned about Sarah Palin’s support of John McCain in his bid for re-election in Arizona. If John were a more honorable politician, he would retire. However, I disagree with those who say Sarah owes John something. John McCain put Sarah on the ticket for his own benefit, not too help Palin. He knew he needed to energize the enervated conservative GOP base, and that’s exactly what Sarah Palin did. Palin ought to have great resentment towards McCain campaign strategists (i.e. Steve Schmidt) who rolled Sarah out into an L shaped ambush designed by Democrat cheerleaders Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson. Holy batshit Batman, that was the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever witnessed. McCain did his part as well, by delivering two terrible debate performances …not to mention his stubborn refusal to attack Obama where he was most vulnerable. Who can also forget his campaign suspension (with great fanfare) to only go back to Washington to vote for TARP…both supported by the unpopular Bush and his political opponent, Barack Hussein Obama. Without the fire of Sarah Palin, the McCain campaign would have replicated the previous Bush I and Bob Dole campaigns…both two big yawns. Sarah should say goodbye to John, and leave him on his own to defend his Maverick rejection of conservative principles over the years.

I hate to keep picking on Sarah, but she should also reconsider going to Texas and campaigning for Rick Perry. Perry is much like McCain, in that he is a conservative when he campaigns, but governs like a liberal or a Rockefeller Republican. Perry is hell bent on building a network of toll roads through Texas, and turning management over to foreign companies. These toll roads would require eminent domain confiscation of private property, and has been a hotbed of controversy in Texas. Perry efforts were squashed by the legislature, but he remains determined. Perry additionally tried to force Texas school girls to take the Guardisil injections as a requirement to enter public schools. Parents in Texas rightly saw this as Government intrusion on their parental rights, and the measure was rejected by the legislature. Perry again was unapologetic. Sarah Palin should back off her commitment to campaign for Perry, and throw her support behind Debra Medina. Medina, a nurse, a small business owner, is gaining a great deal of support inside the Texas Tea Party movement. Medina is not a professional politician, is more conservative than Perry, and is much more compatible with Palin’s views on government.