Saturday, March 27, 2010

The British National Health Service, Coming to America in the Form of Obamacare

The American Medical Association (AMA) who supported, Obama's Healthcare Legislation, surprising represents only 17 percent of doctors in the US. Its like this old episode of "Yes, Minister", a British comedy that makes fun of the inefficiencies of the National Health Service. In this episode, the employees Union doesn't want to close a hospital with no patients (and no doctors) because it employs 500 deadbeat union employees. Welcome to the future of Obamacare.

With centralized control, the Democrat socialists will insure misery is shared by all...the hard working and the indolent. If your over 78 years old or need a hip replacement, you'll get a walker and some pain pills. If you need a heart bypass, you'll get an oxygen tank and nitro. Remember Sarah Palin was talking about death panels....its in the bill the Communist-in-Chief just signed. Yes my friends, some bureaucrat in the National Health Administration will decide based on your age, health, and/or prognosis. The "panel" provides your doctor guidelines as to whether you (and others like you) are worthy of spending additional money to save your life. This is the essence of a socialist, collectivist healthcare system.

Folks, if we don't get these Socialist Democrats out of office in November, we are finished as a free Republic. Enjoy our future in the video above.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Different Kind of Communist Party- Democrat Health Care Passes

Nothing left to say. The President and Congress have ignored the American people and passed this monstrosity anyway. So here is a little reminder from my friend Ray.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Strange Fainting Spells During Obama Speeches

It hasn't gone unoticed that many people just seem to faint in the presense of the annoited 'one'. However, its starting to look like some gimmick a TV Preacher would use to increase the drama and keep the money dropping into the collection plate. A more recent fainter was later exposed as a guy being dragged out of a healthcare town meeting by five policemen. Initially, it only affected the press, as they wet all over themselves during press conferences...something tingling and warm running down their leg.

I'm starting to feel a little light headed myself.

This Requires a Really Futile and Stupid Gesture be Done on Somebodies Part...GO! GO! GO!

Conservatives, Bluto's right....we can let this healthcare vote on Sunday become the worse day of our lives, when it can evolve into our finest hour. We must fight today, fight tomorrow, and fight on thru 2010 and 2012. Let this become the "high water mark" of liberal ascendancy. DO NOT LET DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTS define the inevitability of anything in our AMERICA.

The Continuing War for Independence

Its just the start. We are now engaged in a war. A war that started in 1776, and one that will probably never end as long as tyrant's breath.

The United States has survived many perilous times, and incurred damage at every turn. The most significant "change" was during the Southern war for independence. Some in the South called this the second war of independence. The South did not prevail in sustaining the original intent of the American Constitution, of sovereign free States consenting to the limits of long as Government stayed within those limits.

Americans are not Europeans. We do not like regulation. We do not like restraints. We do not like, and will not tolerate the excess of Government ruling over every detail of our lives for the illusive objective of "common good". Americans know that what is good for each individual is equally good for society. That is uniquely American; a belief that Government is not the master but the servant. Our Founding Fathers deliberately made it difficult to pass laws that effect all States, as they knew of the danger and excess of centralized Government power. Balance of power between three branches is an inefficient form of Government by design. Balance of power, due to those built in inefficiencies preserves freedom by denying absolute power to any tyrant. What endangers that freedom is a Congress and Judiciary that worships the annoited one like an imperial emperior. Once the emperior consolidates power, the allure is much like heroin. Once the tyrant tastes, he's hooked, and it takes blood and revolution to set things right.

The equal branches of Government need to reassert their authority to reestablish the limits of Government. Those limits, or walls, depends on Government branches asserting that authority and maintaining their independence. Likewise States, under the 10th Amendment, must assert their powers to limit the Federal Government. Local Government must in turn limit the power of States. The most power must be centered at the local level, which is closest to to people.

Why is Congress so out of touch with the people? The formulation for country has been tampered with by Progressive Presidents and Congress over our 200 year history. Abraham Lincoln, who centralized Federal authority, thumbed his nose at the Constitution and limits of Federal authority. Since that breach, the power of the Federal Government over States has grown to unmanageable levels.

Its been said by American leaders, to their shame, that America's strength is her diversity. That is the result of years of political correct progressive thinking. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our strength lies with the ideals of one concept....freedom. That I, as an individual, am free to succeed, free to fail, free to love, free to even hate, free to have any opinion or do anything that I please with one caveat....that my freedom doesn't trample the freedom of others. That works until the lawyers come in, and twist words around until they have no meaning at all. In a Democratic society, moral support provided by religion is critical for self Government. The retraints compelled by the All Mighty God, govern our relationships with fellow countrymen. Our first President said the same thing.

This fight for America's heritage will start with debate, but will ultimately end in blood and violence should the Democrat's continue this course. Obama is much like Lincoln, in his desire to be King...recognizing no limits to the power of the Presidency and the Congress. The third war of Indepedence always looms before us.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dateline Scotland...It's cauld enough to freeze dere bonnie blue balls off our darlin prince.

Coldest winter for half century (as you may have suspected).

Date: 13 March 2010
By Jenny Fyall
SCOTLAND shivered this year in the second-coldest winter ever recorded.

Met Office statistics reveal that only the winter of 1963 was colder than the temperatures in Scotland between December 2009 and February 2010.

And for northern Scotland it was actually the coldest since records began in 1914.

Mr. Pulitzer Prize winning ALGORE...any questions? If you do, perhaps you could ask Nobel Prize winning Barrack Hussein Obama...mmm...mmm...mmm.

Last Days of Good Music- 1964

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Different Kind of Communist Party...Odds and Ends

The fraud, waste, and abuse inside Obama's Simulus Package continues to astound me. Labeled as shovel ready projects, we are funding important projects such as the preservation of bug collections, cocaine for monkeys, and other such nonsense. I told you so. See Porkulus again, in the must see section of this website.

We conservatives must also decide whether or not we are going to continue to subsidize the UAW by purchasing GM automobiles. After our 401Ks were raped by this organization, and old GM stock rendered worthless, every Union member got a bailout and issued new GM stock. The rest of us, well...suck it up. The UAW continues to subsidize the Socialist Democrat Party, so if you buy GM, you're subsidizing Communism in the USA in my humble opinion. The direct Government attacks on Toyota are also interesting theater, if I were a conspiracy theorist.

Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician, is under siege in his own country. He is being place on trial for speaking out against the encroachment of Islam in his country. He is right. Europe is slowly being overrun by these seventh century neanderthals, and Geert on trial for expressing his views on the subject. European men over the centuries have become cowards and appeasers. As Churchill used to chide, they feed the alligator hoping it will eat them last. This type of thing is coming to a USA theater near you in the form hate crime legislation. If you speak out against illegal immigration or gay marriage, you might find yourself in jail. Geert Wilders is a hero. Europe is the socialist model our socialist President so admires.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Traditional Cristian Communities Have Rights Too, In Heaven and On Earth.

These straw man arguments of discrediting community standards by
associating them with church doctrine is getting tiresome.

A Mr. Richard Easton expressed my sentiments on this subject:

" The real problem is the US mythology that religion and government can be
separated. Three propositions prove the point.

(1) All nations must have laws.

(2) All laws try to restrain some "evil", or reinforce some "good" (so all
law, even administrative law, is enacted morality).

(3) All morality depends on beliefs that cannot be subjected to the
scientific method and are, thus, religious beliefs - even if they are

So government is the process of legislating someone's religious beliefs. The
vital question is whose religious beliefs should underpin our law and

Community standards define the parameters of that particular communities
values. They are the 'center' of that community, which define an entire host
of limits, priorities, and values. The question is exactly the one Mr.
Easton poses above,."someone's" beliefs are always going to take precedence.

James Madison, a founding father, put it this way, "We have staked the whole
future of our new nation, not upon the power of government; far from it. We
have staked the future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity
of each of ourselves to govern ourselves according to the moral principles
of the Ten Commandments."
- James Madison.

The dangers of so-called Christian fundamentalism touted by modern day
secular humanists to American government is a contemptible lie at best, and
hysterical nonsense at worst. Over two hundred years of American Christian
majorities have created the most free and tolerant society in the world. All
law has , as its underpinning, a code of morality . The vast majority (98
percent and I can prove it) of founding fathers were Christians, and our
founding documents ciited the Bible more than any other source. Most
expressed George Washington's sentiments, when he said in an speech in 1796.

"Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity,
religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man
claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great
pillars of human happiness - these firmest props of the duties of men and
citizens. The mere politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect
and to cherish them. A volume could not trace all their connections with
private and public felicity. Let it simply be asked, Where is the security
for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation
desert the oaths which are the instruments of investigation in courts of
justice? And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can
be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of
refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both
forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of
religious principle."
- George Washington, Sept. 17, 1796

Once again, to discredit any community standard based on Christian morality
is a pathetic straw man, as all standards and laws are based on "someone's"
morality. Christian morality is as valid as anyone elses. What prefers one
over the other is democracy in action.

All law is based on an underpinning of "someone's" morality. My point is that Judeo-Christian morality is as valid as atheistic, agnostic, pagans, or any other. I think Judeo Christian principles are the foundation of western civilization and far superior to any other. In any case, the Constitution does not prefer one over the other.

Community standards and ordinances that simply establish limits based on the preferences of that community that do not discriminate based on religion, race, gender are perfectly acceptable. I personally choose to accept the standards of the community as a matter of respect, as I have also choosen to live here. If I don't like the community standards, then I can leave. However, if you want the law to change, then campaign for it. Don't make fallacious arguments confusing rightful application of community standards as a 1st Amendment issue. No ones
Constitutional rights are violated for being inconvenienced due to a community standard.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

RINO Treachery on the March....Again.

Our old pal Lindsay Graham is back to his old tricks. He has been making several trips to the White House to discuss… guess what? Immigration reform. Yes South Carolina, our favorite RINO is sharpening the knife to slip in the back of the Tea Party movement once the Senate Health Care plan is passed in the House. Remember when the President assured everyone that illegal immigrants would not receive subsidized healthcare? So, in comes the solution, make illegal aliens….well legal. Thank you Lindsay Graham, we thought the era of RINO bipartisanship and Democrat-lite politics were over.

My guess is our favorite RINO is in the pocket of the carpet bagging tourist industry on the South Carolina coast. Michael Steele, what say you about this new bit of treachery baking in the oven?

South Carolina Republicans, the ball is in your court. South Carolina Tea Partiers, you better get busy. With Lindsay working with Obama and Rahm, can ‘reach across the aisle’ McCain (McAmnesty) be that far behind? Once McAmnesty secures his race in Arizona, he'll be his old bi-partisan self. McCain has managed to temporarily shut his wife up on supporting gay marriage (and his progressive skanky daughter), but the dam will burst after the 2010 election. Maybe the rumors about Lindsay are...nah.

See short snipet on Fox here.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Life After Barrack?

Will man survive Barrack Hussein Obama? Mmm..Mmm...Mmm.

An uncertain world, with no God, no judgements, no morals, and no tolerance for any of those things.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

9-11 Truthers...Idiots Without a Cause

What is it about the independent movement that careens between Constitutional rationality and insanity? Case in point, the 9-11 Truther movement. This is the group of tin foil hatters who believe that the attack of 9-11 was a Government inside job.

This is the foil that destroyed Debra Medina's momentum in the Texas Governor's primary, a promising young conservative women (story below), who tripped over this madness during a Glenn Beck radio interview while responding to a question. When she stated these Truthers may have legit concerns in her answer, she stepped on a political land mine that enervated growing support for her candidancy. What Debra meant to say, was that people in general have the right to question the Government. However, she later recanted and refined the response, a little too late, that the entire Truther proposition that our Government attacked their own citizens was entirely bizarre.

Why do these Truthers, found to inhabit fringe sites run by Alex Jones, persist in their idiotic views? I don't know. Reason does not work with these people, as this seems to be a cult, a religion, and chasing this ridiculous theory is much like Captain Ahab's fixation with Moby Dick. It is a cognitive dissonance, where they complain evidence of Government complicity was its failure to take any action to stop the attack...while in the same breath they bitterly complain about any follow-on measure to stop the next attack (i.e. the Patriot Act). Apparently 9-11 was a Globalist plot to create the excuse to establish martial law in the United States. However, nine years after 9-11...martial law has not been declared. So, did the plot fail?

While Truthers wallow in the insanity of the plot that didn't work, they ignore the socialistic take over of banks, car companies, energy companies (cap and trade), and the entire health care industry. Who needs marshal law, when the Government under the Obama regime is taking over all means of plain sight.

To the Ron Paul Truthers, please take off the tin foil 9-11 serves a distraction to what the Globalists are really doing right in front of you. Wise up. Below are the best 1 minute videos I've seen to debunk all of the main assertions of these dingleberrys. If you know a Truther, please give them these links.

+Fire doesn't need to melt steel debunked (click here)
+WTC 7 collapse explained/debunked (click here)
+Use of explosives debunked (click here)
+Thermite columns cut debunked (click here)