Saturday, May 30, 2009


A racist, member of La Raza (the Race) activist Judge without a doubt. She telegraphed her views when she stated that it was the appellate court's role to establish policy (law). Forget the Constitution and the separation of powers, its now the courts job to write law. Never mind she very plainly said a Latina is smarter than a white man (the only distinction is race in her pronouncement). If racism is evil, then all of it is evil. It's equally obvious that a white judge could not survive the vetting process after making such an offensive statement.

The Republican Senators, Cornyn, Hutchinson, Hatch, all seem soft on stopping this nomination. We should not have much hope that our RINO heros will rise to the occasion. Remember this....the violent street gang Mara Salvatrucha issued orders from federal prison to teach the Minutemen a lesson they will not forget.....then...President Bush called the Minute Men right wing extremists. Attorney General Gonzales, a member of La Raza, sought prosecution of the two 'border guards for shooting a Mexican drug smuggler in the ass. It was the GOP during the Bush administration which supported corporate interests for cheap labor pouring across the border. RINOs are just as interested in Mexican illegal votes as the Democrats. They all make me sick.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The THIRD War of Independence...coming up.

We need such a pep talk in these the first battle begins in the Third War of Independence. May the spirit of the First Brigade rise again in the hearts of their sons and daughters. You are, the FIRST BRIGADE...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dear Leader shot the Messiah the Bird

The 'Dear Leader' of North Korea is at it again. So this is the Obama's Smart Power diplomacy. Is that like Black Power?

Lets just see how turning America back into a weak feckless third rate power through spreading the BO magical hope and change agenda truly works.

Don't look Ethel, thar goes another American city. While the world 'nukes up', Obama's strategy is for America to unilaterally disarm. I feel so safe. With Nancy Pelosi attacking our own CIA, and Janet Napolatano keeping a watchful eye on returning America combat veterans.... not to mention Erik Holder disarming the American public....things are rolling right a snowball into hell.

When will we finally learn that weakness only invites attacks? Predators are drawn to bleeding and limping prey....and that's the Hussein Obama administration. Dear Leader is probably singing...yes we can can can, yes we can can can.....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheney's Smack Down

Isn't it nice to watch Dick Cheney kick Obama's ass like a big bass drum? I never thought it would happen in my life time. There is a God.

Cheney has finally gotten the little pink bunny with the bass drum. What the hell? Did someone put a new battery in his pacemaker? I don't know what happen, but whatever it is, I like it a lot...a whole lot.

Although I disagreed with Bush administration quick launch into Iraq, I mostly disagreed with the management of the war. The Bush administration failed to adequately respond to the insurgency, and let Bremer and Rumsfeld fiddle fart around by resisting increasing troop levels appropriately. Much like Clinton's failure to put armored vehicles in Somalia (Blackhawk down incident), Bush's failure to put boots on the ground to respond to the collapsing Iraqi regime and resulting security vacuum is unforgivable. As I said earlier, Americans don't like to loose wars. This one fumble was the misstep most responsible for the Bush administration's low polling numbers.

However, except for securing our borders, the Bush administration has done a great job in restoring our intelligence capabilities after decades of Democratic destruction of our ability to spy on people. Starting with the Church Committee in the 70s and Gorelick's wall between domestic and foreign intelligence services, the Democrats just don't like collecting human intelligence (Its a hippie thing..don't trust da 'man'). Cheney is a surprisingly effective spokesman on counter-terrorism, and is gaining ground against the Obama's administration return to the failed pre-9-11 mindset. Kickem again Mr. VP, their still wiggling.

Dr. Hussein Obama Will see You Now

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Out of Gas

I am finally outraged out with the Obama administration, and I need a break. Its just one thing after another, and I can't sustain the level objections against absolutely everything this Kenyan is doing.
Unless the good people of the country don't finally get off their collective asses and join the fight, the ones that are doing all the fighting while the rest watch from the back benches are running out of steam. Its showtime. If you want to save your country, you're finally going to have to get off the couch and do something yourself.
In the name of what our forefathers gave up to give us the greatest Republic on the face of the Earth, its time to join the fight or perish.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Put this in the category of elitist Republicans who have been drinking their own bath water so long, they no longer understand the principals that move voters in America. I think the GOP should call it the denial tour, not the listening tour. They already have determined what the answer is, so they're just going out to get some feedback to assure them of conclusions they've already reached. How many of us really expect them to emerge with the right answer?

Jeb Bush, if your listening, here are just a few pointers.

1. Americans do not like exercises in Nation building. We don't want to be embroiled in foreign wars ever. Your brother, hastily involved us in Iraq, then refused to change strategy when everyone (except the Bush administration) realized it wasn't working. While the insurgency continued to grow, the Bush administration continued to stick with the Rumsfeld and Cheney "stay the course" line. The Republicans destroyed their reputation, and got many more American troops unnecessarily killed by failing to realize that higher force levels were needed in the theater. Additionally, a General, not a American civilian administrator (Bremer) was needed to respond to the deteriorating situation. It was also here, the American people found out that the Bush administration had absolutely NO PLAN to respond to this contingency, while many analysts had handed it the possibility that this kind of scenario might unfold. The Bush administration continued to stay the course, and we got our butts kicked. Lesson number 1, Americans don't like to loose wars.

Note: Its interesting to also point out, that had Bush replaced Rumsfeld 6 months before the 2006 midterms instead of the day after the election, he might have been able to save the House or Senate. President Bush himself said he waited to replace Rummy (after the election) because he didn't want such a move to look political. WTF?

2. Conservatives and independents expect Republicans to reduce spending and Government, not grow either. The Bush administration, even if one sets aside the cost of the Iraqi war, grew government and spent more than LBJ domestically. From farm and transportation bills, to passing medicare drug prescription, Bush irresponsibly spent, and spent, and spent. Conservatives don't like big spenders. All this spending tarnished the Republican brand, and allowed even F'in Barack Hussein Obama to step to the RIGHT of John McCain on tax cuts and fiscal responsibility. Bush and the Republicans were so bad on this point the unwashed masses bought it hook, line, and sinker. Third parties gained strength, and enervated support for a left bending John McCain.

3. Primaries need to be CLOSED to Republicans only. If you allow Democrats select your candidate again, you will loose again.

4. Here is the most important point. Republicans don't need to move left to win the next election. The failure of John McCain ought to be a teaching moment for the GOP. Continued leftward drifting will further fracture the conservative base, libertarians, and independents, and you'll win nothing. The right of center public doesn't want a choice between blue and light blue.

For the members of the Listening tour...if your really listening, wise up. If your not, then go ahead and promote another big government Rockefeller Republican and see what happens. Continue to invoke the names of the socialist Teddy Roosevelt and federal power tyrant Abraham Lincoln and see what happens. Leave the era of Reagan behind, and just fricken see what happens.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reflection on the Obama Amature Hour Presidency

One thing stands out about our new Socialist President is his lack of understanding of what it means to show public affection for the worlds worst dictators. Its called propaganda. Each thug, who manages to use stories or pictures of the President of the United States shaking hands, or deeply bowing, destroys the morale of the opposition movements within those wretched countries. In every country, there is an oppressed opposition hiding, serving time in shit hole prisons, or fighting the dictators henchmen. Even worse for some of them...lying in mass graves, or waiting to be thrown into one. It is absolutely heart wrenching for these opposition groups to see the leader of the free world receiving gifts and handshaking with the thug dictator that is oppressing them.
When asked by the press, Obama said that he didn't see how the United States strategic interests were hurt by shaking the hand of Hugo Chavez. You see, he just doesn't get it. Everything the leader of the free world does has consequences, Mr. President. I hope we won't be calling you that for very long, God help us.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just in from the Detroit Free Press.

Muslims are most likely among some religious groups in the United States to approve of the job performance of President Barack Obama, according to a Gallup poll released today.

About 85% of Muslims approve of Obama’s job performance, followed by 79% of Jews, 73% of those with no religious affiliation, 67% of Catholics, 58% of Protestants, and 45% of Mormons, according to the poll results.

Apparently, unborn children haven't got a prayer, as I was surprised to see the strong support in the Catholic community for such a pro-abortion baby killing President. And... I don't think it was a real big surprise as to which religious group lended Obama the most support, hmmm?


As Ann Coulter commented in her article, how true, how true..

Yes We Can, and With Audacity.

I am convinced that we conservatives, a band of brothers, need to STOP buying union made cars with government warranties.

If the 58 million sane people left in this country, who didn't vote for the Messiah would just simply stop buying all the Government subsidized crap now running down DNC sponsored assembly lines we could really make a difference. Yes we can!!!

No more GM, Chrysler made pieces of Government made junk. No sirree. Also, don't buy the Progressive Insurance to replace the Government produced piece of shit after we wreck it. What do you think guys?

If we stop buying GM, Chrysler, and GE products (don't forget them), we'll also stop funding the DNC.