Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Government is not Supposed to Run the Economy

I think some folks need to take a civics course in American government.The Government does not control the economy. The government is supposed to regulate commerce, not create it. How in the world can any American citizen believe, under the American system of Government, that Government should create jobs or wealth?

In 1918, the Bolsheviks took over the Russian monarchy and created a so-called workers paradise. In the Soviet Union, the Government did run the economy. The Soviet Government decided how resources were spent, determined what crops would be planted, what products would be manufactured, and how many workers would be needed to produce those goods and services, what those products should cost, and what the workers should be paid to produce them. The Soviet Government also decided where you lived, where you worked, and what level of education you needed to do those jobs, and determined what rationed benefits you should have. It was a dreary economic system, that provided few choices, and generated none of prosperity that we in the West enjoy (or take for granted today). That system collapsed under its own weight, and the GNP (amount of production) could not match the outlay of Government spending. That’s where this country is heading if we don’t stop our current government from the reckless spending they’re currently engaged under this new budget.

If the public wants jobs and a better economy, the voting booth is not the place to get them…unless you’re talking about getting Government out of the markets so the prosperity that free enterprise creates can do its thing. The government needs to regulate, but it can’t create jobs without taking over the economy (like the Soviet Union did, or China, or nationalize industries like what’s going on in Venezuela today). The path to jobs is pursuing education, starting businesses, and taking risks. The Government cannot do that for us. The Government cannot make people go into business, the Government cannot make people provide jobs, the Government cannot make people work.

If you are demanding Government create jobs and wealth, then you are of the same mindset of the Soviet Bolsheviks of 1918. That is not the way our system works, nor should it. We live in a free country. You’re free to pursue any kind of education you want, go into any business you want, move anywhere in the country you want, have any kind of job your able to secure, and make any amount of money your ability will allow. We don’t want Government to make those decisions for us. Freedom brings with it responsibility and risk, but the alternative is much worse. So, I only wish the Obongos (bong inhaling Obama supporters) would stop the endless whining and get off their asses and do something about their own situation rather than waiting on the Government to do something. It reminds me of the Katrina survivors that didn’t have the good sense, after numerous warnings, to get out of the path of a major hurricane. Instead, they ended up on their rooftops waving signs to Government helicopters to rescue them. Man, I am sick of this type of irresponsibility. It is absolutely pathetic and uncharacteristic of America or Americans.

Who's Running Wall Street

Looking at new generation of yuppies running Wall Street, one would intuitively think they would represent rock solid fiscal conservative Republicans, but no. They are actually liberal Democrats. Wall Street contributes to Democrat candidates far more than Republicans. Ann Coulter asked the question earlier in the week as to why Republicans get strapped with the reputation that they run Wall Street. The Democrats run Wall Street. Warren Buffet, George Soros, Bernie Madoff, Jeffrey Immelt-Democrats all. The cozy relationship that Chris Dodd, Barney Fwank, and Maxine Waters have with the banking and finance industry is in the public record.
My point is the Republicans better start clearing the record and educate the public as to who is actually running Wall Street.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

I just returned from a spring break vacation and happened by Marfa Texas. This is becoming another isolated art colony, where ex-hippies seem to congregate to commune with nature. I thought that era was dead forever, but old hippies in graying pony tails suffering from deodorant allergies still walk the earth. New 'baby' hippies are also spawning, so it must be in the gene pool somewhere...that only surfaces under certain conditions (usually during evil Republican administrations-hehe).

I suppose liberal 'hippiedom' is predictably a 'right of passage' for youth to go through a stage of misplaced compassion for the nonworking poor and other unmotivated parasites looking for someone to feed them. Oh yeah, and don't forget 'world peace'. Most eventually grow out of it and learn that feeding the stupid and lazy is like chasing a mirage. They soon learn the more compassion you give, more dependents are created to serve your compassion. The ones that don't learn this end up in San Francisco or places like Marfa. Compassion. of course, should be reserved for the elderly, sick, and youth (the vulnerable), but instead its wasted on the foolish thanks to the hippie (Obama) culture, sigh. Compassion provided to the able bodied welfare queens of our culture, i.e. Octo-Mom, only rewards the giver with more recipient demands, so unfortunately we'll never run out of the indolent or hippies. But I digress.

Two of the most interesting things in Marfa is that was the filming location of the film, 'Giant'. The old Paisano Hotel (pictured above), where all the stars stayed during the filming was recently reopened. Oh yeah, those were the days, before Rock Hudson was outed. Life just seem to be cleaner, when people at least had the good manners to keep their sexual perversions in the closet.

The Hotel Paisano was built in 1930, to accommodate the expected oil boom in that area that never materialized. The Hotel is much like it was during the filming in the fifties, an interesting place to walk through through and stay. They have a great chicken fried steak, but who doesn't in Texas?

The second interesting feature of Marfa is the mysterious "Marfa Lights". East of town, these light orbs appear somewhere over Mitchell flats. Allegedly seen since the 1800's, these things appear as singular orbs or in groups. However, most of those early sighting were attributed to a 1957 article and are primarily legendary. I did see these things, and they were fascinating enough for me to do some additional research. Its likely these lights are actually headlights from a distant roadway (highway 67). They seem to appear after dark or dusk, and become less frequent as traffic volume declines on 67. A UT group did some research, and it seems the light orb movements are predictable based on traffic movements along this highway. It does create an interesting illusion none the less. Much like the illusion that massive spending by the Obama Democrats will help the economy.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Obama's Change You Can Believe in.

What is that sound? Is it the Langoleirs (Steven King) ? Those little packmen creatures that consumed everything around them. The Democrats are the neo-Langoleirs, but this time they're eatting cash as fast as they can. Ross, that sucking sound, what is it, what IS IT !!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

New Obama Taxes on People Making Less than 250K

1. New proposed taxes on health care benefits. To pay for the insurance of the 40 million of uninsured people (note that 20-25 million) are probably illegal aliens, Obama must raise revenue to pay these costs. There is also an additional cost that is not necessarily measured in dollars, but quality. Once the Government gets involved in the business of providing health care, rationing of resourses will be necessary because resourse are not unlimited. I can't wait to see the reaction of American citizens having to wait in line behind illegal aliens to receive health care (which is happening now in some cases). Perhaps the terrorists at Gitmo, once moved to the US, will have a higher priority for health care than veterans who fought for their country. Who knows what will happen with this radical socialist administration in charge.

2. Additional "Green Energy" taxes. This is a big one. Green energy is not efficient compared to fossil fuels, and you will pay the difference. Expect to see your electric bills to increase 15-40 percent. Especially vulnerable are people who live in areas where coal fired plants are producing their electricity. This will happen as a result of Obama's Cap and Trade proposals. So called green house gas polluting companies will pay more to produce energy. Industries will be 'capped' at certain production levels, and will have to buy additional credits from other 'less polluting' industries to continue operating. You will pay for those credits. Additionally, manufacturers and other industries will pay more for energy, so absolutely everything you buy from clothing, education, groceries, medicine, and gas will cost more. These industries will pass as much as they can to customers just like you. Corporations really don't pay taxes, they pass additional cost (taxes) to you whenever possible. Thats the dirty little secret Democrats don't like to discuss while they rail at the evil corporations. The corporations are really just tax collection agencies.

3. Be prepared (especially at State and Local Level) to see sales taxes, especially on beer, cigarettes, guns, ammo, to rise in addition to the green energy premiums that will added to the purchase price of these products. States will probably have to raise taxes across the board, because higher energy prices will mean the cost of government services will proportionally rise. Police, ambulance, schools, everything will cost more.

4. Fewer deductions on income taxes will mean more will go to the Federal Government.

There is little doubt that with the growth in Government, the Amercan people will have much less money jingling in their pockets. We will reach a point that we can no longer borrow nor sustain the huge deficits Obama is proposing. Few 20 or 30 somethings remember the malaise of the Jimmy Carter years, with double digit interest rates, double digit unemployment, high inflation, high gas prices, energy shortages (gas lines), and the US pressed on every front by our enemies. They are about to get a good taste of what that was like.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Perhaps yellow journalism has always been a part of our culture. As I reflected on the press attacks on Sarah Palin by scoundrels in the MSM, I ran across a letter by Robert E. Lee, who was similarly attacked in the press. See the letter below, written in 1866, and his attitude towards media bias.

Lee was eventually vindicated by his reputation, and became a great and respected American Statesman. Its a shame almost 145 years after slander reigned in what was then the MSM during reconstruction, Robert E. Lee has suffered renewed attacks by history revisionist liberals. Likewise, these miscreants similarly attack the memories of George Washington and Harry Truman. As someone once said, "it doesn't take a brave dog to bark at the bones of lions".

We can only hope the truth will eventually emerge victorious, and those who have slandered hero's of our American past will all disappear into the abiss of other "15 minute famers" who no one remembers.

Sarah Palin can take comfort that she is in good company. To draw the fire of low life bottom feeding trolls is a high honor. There really is no freedom of the press, unless you own one.

Lexington, Virginia, April 13, 1866.
My Dear Sir:

Your letter of the 5th inst., inclosing a slip from the Baltimore American, has been received. The same statement has been published at the North for several years. The statement is not true; but I have not thought proper to publish a contradiction, being unwilling to be drawn into a newspaper discussion, believing that those who know me would not credit it and those who do not would care nothing about it.

I cannot now depart from the rule I have followed. It is so easy to make accusations against the people at the South upon similar testimony, that those so disposed, should one be refuted, will immediately create another; and thus you would be led into endless controversy. I think it better to leave their correction to the return of reason and good feeling.

Thanking you for your interest in my behalf, and begging you to consider my letter as intended only for yourself, I am,
Most respectfully your obedient servant,

R. E. Lee.

Sarah Palin Unplugged on the Media

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Will the Market Tank Again?

As Jack Benny used to say.....Well.
We have over 9,000 pork projects in this Omnibus Spending Bill passed by Democrats and Republicans. Somebody tell me again how these parties are different? Perhaps by degree? Senator Shelby of Alabama, you broke the budget and my heart. Will Obama also break his campaign promise and sign this disgraceful piece of crap? Probably. Especially since Republicans gave him political cover. Screwed again.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Help, My 401K is Going Down !!!!

When I was younger so much younger than today
I never needed anyone's help in any way
Now these days are gone and I'm not so self assured,
Now I need a change of mind,
As the market hits the floor,

Help me if you can Im feeling down
My 401K has hit the bottom round
Help get my feet back on the ground
Won't you please, please, help me
Help me, waaaooooooooh....

Obama Secures Women's Rights from Taliban

Don't you just love the Taliban. I even like to say, Taliban. Is a fun word. Obama was right, see what a little moderation can do. Taliban women now have the right to work. Here are two Taliban hotties just enjoying the shit out of their new found freedom.
Obama, that silver tongue fox. His work is done. Women are so much better off. Our hero.

President Obama Negotiating with Taliban

Our wonderful President is prepared to launch negotiations with "de" Taliban. Yes, we've all heard of the brilliant arguments that he will deploy against these 7th Century goons. Now we will soon see them in action, as he begs them not to kill us. Prepare for world peace and the rapture as the Messiah casts all the demons out of the Taliban into a herd of swine...that will most assuredly run off a cliff.

Not sure how one can make the distinction between swine, demons, and Taliban, but our hero can sort it all out I'm sure. Hussein will lead us to the promise land....screwed at last, screwed at last, Allah help us, we're so screwed at last.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Collyfornia Canary

California is the 'canary in the mine' for what liberal progressives can do to the national economy. Collyfornia is a huge mess. The progressive liberal legislature has spent the State into poverty, much like what the liberal congress and BO are currently doing. In 2010, the American people are going to have to decide that we can't afford the big government Democrats want to impose.

The entire nation will look like bankrupt California. Once the Chinese and Japenese stop buying our bonds, the shit will hit the fan. Interest rates will rise, taxes will rise,unemployment will rise, inflation will rise, and the national misery index will rise. The spending will stop, but the decision America has is....will it be stopped before we go bankrupt, or afterwards? It will be stopped, one way or the other. All conservatives will be able to say to independents is...."I told you so". I'm not sure many pieces will be left to pick up.

Replacing Michelle

At the top right hand corner of Page 17 of the New York Post of January 24th,2009, was a short column entitled "Replacing Michelle" in the National Review"The Week" column found this interesting, so here it is, word for word, as it appeared ...... '

Some employees are simply irreplaceable. Take Michelle Obama: The Universityof Chicago Medical center hired her in 2002 to run "programs for community relations, neighborhood outreach, volunteer recruitment, staff diversity and minority contracting." In 2005 the hospital raised her salary from $120,000 to $317,000 - nearly twice what her husband made as a Senator. Oh did we mention that her husband had just become a US Senator? He sure had.. Requested a $1 Million earmark for the UC Medical Center, in fact. Way to network Michelle! But now that Mrs Obama has resigned, the hospital says her position will remain unfilled. How can that be, if the work she did was vital enough to be worth $317,000? We can think of only one explanation: Senator Roland Burris's wife wasn't interested.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time for Another Revolution

by Frank Chodorov

[From One is a Crowd, by Frank Chodorov, 1952.]

The Basic Social Struggle

The Founding Fathers forged well. Putting aside what it might have been, the Constitution did pay homage to the doctrine of natural rights. It did so by the simple expedient of putting restraints and limitations on the powers of government. We learn from their published statements that the intent of the Founding Fathers was to prevent the despised "democrats," should they come into power, from using it for spoliation. They were quite forthright about it, and not a little could be said in favor of their thesis. In recent years the "mob" they feared has indeed come into power and the result seems to support the contention of Madison, Adams, and Hamilton.

read entire article here.

Its difficult to believe this was written in 1952, it sounds more contemporary.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What will you do with your freedom?

The siren of a compassionate Government, to take care of every need sings once again of utopia. How long, dear Jesus, will men and women fall for this vision, an illusion that forges the iron fist of tyranny. “Change we can believe in”, “the audacity of hope”, “yes we can”…its all been said before, repainted, repackaged, and resold, to our peril.

America must decide if fear will let the tyrant rule, or will they take charge of their personal lives and say no to this tyrant. We can do for ourselves. That is the fundamental difference between the rationing and lack Government management provides, and surpluses and prosperity that free men acting in their own interest provides. There is no more powerful force than free markets, finding efficiencies through pursuit of profits.

Free markets must be regulated, not to hamper their forces, but to pluck out the corrupt that produce products that do not measure up to the value they advertise. Where money and power exist, corrupt men and women exist. So it is true with Government, until the money is gone.

Before we enter into the era of big Government, let us learn again the lesson of the Soviet Union. Here, we had a country, a worker's nation, that tried to provide housing, education, healthcare, without the power of free markets. Using the currency of their Christian heritage and work ethic, it worked for a time. Then the great experiment in socialism started to crumble as the forces of corruption made some in that society more valuable than others. The highest value assigned by the Government were to those who promoted the socialist state, not the workers, engineers, scientists, doctors, farmers, and others who made value out of raw materials. The average Soviet began to see how fruitless it was to work hard, because no benefit of that labor ever returned to them or members of their family. They used to have a joke about the Soviet socialist State, “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work”.

There is the failure of socialism, and its built-in and certain. A man will do more for himself than he will do for the greater good of any State. Those who claim to concern themselves with the greater good of the State are the political commissars who take the best for themselves, while they use the whip of State power to beat their worker classes to death. Eventually, the worker will quit or die, as the socialist state has killed any motivation to work. All that’s left to motivate in such a State is fear. The pretty words, ‘each according to his ability, each according to his need” never addressed the needs of the human spirit.

Although Obama is a charismatic figure, let us not fall for this again. As age creeps into my bones, I can do little but call out the alarm that the Socialists are coming. They are riding hard in our direction, and once again American patriots must ride out to meet and stop them.

Change you can believe in.

Choices are life and death.