Friday, November 6, 2015

The Saga of Hillary Clinton

Much more to report on Hillary Clinton, who told the families of the dead and the American people that it was a spontaneous attack due to a UTube video. Emails prove she was lying, as she told the Syrian President, the Egyptian prime minister, and her daughter it was a terrorist attack by an Al Qaeda "like' group the very next day. Not an angry mob demonstrating. You don't bring heavy mortars to a demonstration. The spontaneous response due to a UTube video was a cover story.

Why is this important? Trust. She lied to cover the fact that her State Department did little to protect the consulate after cable after cable (600 of them to be precise) requesting, begging, urgently yelling for additional security. She did nothing, her State Department did nothing. The key reason she used the video and the spontaneous narrative was to claim she nor her staff could have anticipated this attack. Her own email traffic absolutely proves she was lying to the families and the American people.

Secondly, she claimed no classified information was on her server, which is nonsense. Every one that's ever held a security clearance understands and is briefed on what represents classified information. Even if information is not marked (as she claims), you understand by the nature of the information whether to treat it as classified. Her excuse that information or emails were not marked does not mesh with her responsibilities to protect sensitive information. Careless handling is a criminal offense.

None of this is a political charade

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Did Bush Keep Us Safe?

Bush made a key mistake of letting too many Clinton appointees stay on to empathize with the hanging chad controversies of 2000, but how that affected what information he had to work with we'll never know. Bush deliberately kicked over a hornet's nest in Iraq, while leaving us vulnerable with wide open borders and still no way to track down visa overstays. He did not keep us safe, as many Americans were killed or injured by illegal aliens pouring across the border from Mexico, Central, and South America. Its still goes on every single day while never reported by the MSM. Bush did give the Islamic enemy every opportunity to strike us at home....and by shear luck it didn't happen again. He gave jihadists our throat, and they didn't strike. I'll not thank him for that.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Religious Liberty

If we are just one justice away from loosing religious liberty in the public space, then we have to figure out how to eliminate that risk. Carson said a President has no duty to enforce or carry out Court legislation. The Supreme Court has legislated on abortion, and they have legislated on the definition of marriage for State licensing. Neither of these issues are found within the context of the Constitution, yet the court ruled.

We need leaders willing to challenge the courts, and to remind them they are only one branch of the three. If the Supreme Court takes it upon themselves to decide what is or isn't Constitutional based on tortured logic and invented rights not literally found in the document, and their authority to do so must be challenged by the President and Congress. Once any kind of contract is signed, you can't add inferences or demand rights that were never explicitly cited. The Court can't, and shouldn't be permitted to do this either.

If the Court is the final arbiter (which I don't believe), then lets do away with Congress and let the unelected judges decide what the law should be? Due to activism, the Courts have become political bodies, and should be treated as such.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Myth of Free Trade

Free trade doesn't exist as its a one sided deal. Products come in from other countries tariff free, American exports are either taxed or the importing nation's currency is manipulated to reduce the affordability of our products.

What is being missed, is that you cannot manage this problem without the threat of imposing a tariff to correct errant behavior of trading partners. Critics say this will start a trade war, but looking at trade deficits, we seem to already be the casualty of a trade war.
This is how it works. Raw materials and equipment flow across to Mexico tax free to build or supply factories in Mexico. In return, finished products manufactured in Mexico flow back to the US tax free. Raw materials have less value than finished goods, and the reason our trade deficit continues to grow. Meanwhile, Mexico exports its criminal class and poverty to the United States. The Mexican Government actually provides assistance their nationals to penetrate our border, and has consular offices in the US to help them access the US welfare state. In return, Mexican nationals send billions of dollars in remittances back to Mexico (money orders). So Mexico are actually making a profit on the poverty of their own nationals. What a great deal.......for Mexico.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Strawman of "Mass Deportation"

The "mass deportation" rubric is really a GOP establishment strawman to continue the status quo. The strawman creates the false imagery of a police state to discredit proponents of enforcing our immigration laws. What Trump's plan includes is enforcing immigration law and prioritizing criminals that are currently being released back into US communities. If employers are required to use e-verify before hiring individuals, it will turn off the job magnet and force illegals who either flew here, drove here, sailed here, or walked here to leave on their own. With no access to work or benefits, they have no incentive to stay. I'm so sick of the "mass deportation" strawman being used to discredit enforcement of US laws. There are priorities, strategies, and tactics to turn off the spigot of illegal include building the wall and stopping visa overstays.

If other GOP candidates have published a better plan, other than "its all about love", I'm willing to consider it. I listened to Kasich yesterday on Syrian immigrants, and he went on another moralistic rant and said we need to help bring this dangerous lot of refugees into the US or we should tear down the Statue of Liberty. Really? Kasich had no idea how we would screen dangerous ISIS plants in this group, but said it was our duty anyway. That is easy for an elite politician to say, who has taxpayer provided security and lives behind a security fence or in a gated community.

Friday, September 4, 2015

US Education

The educational model is broken in the USA. Half of US STEM graduates even find work in these fields. Industry claims they need H1B visas to file positions, so something is wrong here. Either US universities are not meeting the mark with educational standards, or we have a nasty mix of corruption between Government and Industry to force US wages down. Yes, college is useful, or was useful, but too many are finding $100K plus in college loan debt is not worthy of 50K per year jobs they are offered.

The 'rounding' of US engineering graduates with expensive communist ideology and propaganda apparently makes them generally too expensive to hire. Foreign technical school graduates are in much higher demand for US industry. That educational model uses a lower cost vocational approach...minus the "rounding" courses required in US university curriculum. Educational costs continue to rise far above inflation levels, while wages continue to fall due to influx of foreign technical graduates with more competitive educations.

I am a retired project manager for a major defense industry. My observation with all this is the failure of industry to accurately define what is required for jobs currently being performed. Generally managers with engineering backgrounds over qualify job descriptions. As a result, they end up with high turnover of bored engineers. They predictably then claim they can't find qualified Americans to fill those positions. It's a ridiculous assertion. The failure is really not understanding the qualifications and training needed for the jobs they need done. They want foreign engineers, and trap them to those jobs with H1B visas

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Corporate Power Threatens the Republic

One of Milton Friedman's greatest fear, was that corporations and government would become one in the same. There is protectionism already baked in the cake, and its in the 20 volumes of the US tax code and State laws and licensing boards including thousands of regulations (State and Federal). They collectively prevent or reduce the availability of various services to keep the cost for those services at a high level by limiting competitors (or making it too expensive for competitors to enter the market).

Insurance companies promoted Obamacare, knowing full well Americans would be forced (by the Government) to pay high premiums for their products exclusively. Government approved plans made it infeasible for all competitors to enter the healthcare market. State boundaries made it impossible for consumers in various States to buy something less expensive in another State. At the same time, the "insured" would not be able to easily use these products due to high deductibles. And that's not all, the taxpayer will subsidize any loses they incur. Who wouldn't want a deal like that?

Corporations donate to elected officials to keep those barriers in place, or to legislate additional obstacles. The collusion of Google and Facebook with the Democrat Party is the biggest threat to the Republic in the history of the United States in my opinion. The ability to build search engines to wedge out sites for which they disagree, or collect information on individual subscribers for political purposes is frightening. Social media has become the modern way to assert mob rule through the power of the tweet.