Monday, November 16, 2009

Politics Chicago Style

The terrorist trials in NY are designed for one purpose, to put the Bush administration on trial. The terrorist's attorneys will issue subpoenas to Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, and even perhaps former President George W. Bush. Here is the opportunity to put the entire administration on trial. The intent at the very least would be to embarrass all former Bush advisers and cabinet members, perhaps to force them to claim 5th Amendment rights to avoid disclosing sensitive information. This is Chicago style politics. Additionally, this gives the terrorists themselves a platform to eviscerate the USA for their own purposes.

I am no fan of Rumsfeld or Cheney, but this is outragious. Giving our precious Constitutional rights to foreign terrorists picked up on a foreign battlefields is insane. Keep Gitmo. Use military tribunals. No sane person believes that closure of Gitmo will have any impact on how terrorists or people in the middle east consider America. Only the weak and feckless Europeans are impressed by our unilateral disarment. Only the Europeans adore how we self despise our own National heritage. Piss on them. Piss on the liberals who accomodate them.

I love America. I love the idea of America. I want America to be a strong vital force for good. I think there is no other place like America, and has saved the World from its own foolishness several times...God Bless America.

So much for the President that promised he was going to unite the country. We deserve a better leader than Barrack Hussein Obama....mmm...mmm...mmm.

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