Friday, October 12, 2012

Obama is a Socialist

Thomas Peterffy grew up in Socialist Hungary, immigrated to the US and became a successful broker. He knows first hand that Socialism robs individuals of their economic liberty and initiative to work and achieve.

You mean, like Democrats?

Saturday, September 1, 2012


                  His merry band of socialists will spread YOUR wealth around.     So why work?  

Will Race Ever Never Matter?

The issue of race will never disappear. Its become an industry in the US. What perpetuates this industry is the fact that only non-whites can have a racial identity in this country. Non-whites, under the double standard, can form racially biased companies, TV channels, organizations, or even offer academic curriculum in our finest institutions. These same activities would otherwise be deemed racist for whites. Until this industry is directly criticised, and no longer tolerated, race baiting will continue to be a problem in the country.

If we no longer tolerate the KKK, then why do we continue to tolerate Black Entertainment TV,  NAACP, La Raza (the race),  or any organization that only promotes the racial identity of one group?   These organizations are even squabbling, as Cubans and African American groups are arguing over exclusion in the Miami mayor's race.   Isn't it about time we said goodbye forever to race?

Last Days of Good Music

Monday, August 27, 2012


Obama just can't miss an opportunity to place himself as the centerpiece of all history, past, present, and future. Obama'a pictorial tribute to Neal Armstrong...of himself. Forward.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When the Economy Finally Collapses

How surprised public unions will be, along with federal and military retirees when there is no money to pay their pensions. How so very surprised will Social Security and Medicare recipients be when there is no money to issue checks, or reimburse medical expenses. All could have been fixed, with bold and quick action. Everyone willing to make some sacrifices for the greater good. But it won't happen, because nearly 50% of the country is drawing a Government benefit of some kind. They'll ignor the fact the horse they're riding is lathered and ready to collapse, and they'll dig the spurs deeper, and raise the whip higher. How surprised the Soviets were as well.....when the horse they rode so long and so hard finally fell beneath them.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Social Security and Medicare Are Socialized Charities

The problem with social security and Medicare is that its socialized charity. People on average draw far more out of both than they ever put in, due to rising HC costs and extended life expentency. The sooner we ditch both, the sooner we can return to a sane free market.

I'm still old enough to remember that we used to have insurance only for hopitalization and major surgery. Now you need it to make an appointment with a doctor without going to an ER. Just when in the hell did that happen? We used to be able to afford routine care on a cash basis, until States started requiring insurance companies to cover everything from abortion pills to viagra.

Since the consumer doesn't pay directly, costs have gone out of control, and insurance premuims are bankrupting us. The only ones getting rich are big pharma and insurance companies that made the deal with the Devil, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. These companies are shearing us like sheep now on the national level, thanks to Obama.

Heres what we do:

1. Repeal Obamacare (and Romneycare) and allow competition between States to buy insurance in any package the consumer wants or can afford.
2. Allow consumers to purchase drugs/prescriptions from any country.
3. Pass rational tort reform so scum sucking ambulance chasers don't add to overhead.
4. Enforce our immigration laws, to remove illegals and discourage others from using our health care system on a pro bono basis.
5. Start moving younger people out of Government run SS and Medicare using generous tax free deductions to IRAs, 401Ks, and Health Savings Accounts.
6. Instead of teaching how to put on a condom, schools need to teach finance and money management and how to save for their future and retirement. In my experience, people learn this to late in life to make much of a difference. We should be a nation of savers and investors, and that is what we should teach our children again....instead of communism.