Thursday, December 31, 2009

Push All Muslims Through the Body Scanners

As the controversy over the failure of DHS to stop a known Jihadist (the Nigerian) from boarding an American Airliner builds, the increased use of body scanning technology surfaces once again adding new controversy. TSA can be depended on to implement use of these things in the most inefficient manner possible. Perhaps we should all just wear our underwear on the outside of our pants so TSA can inspect them more closely.

I understand the objections to these things, as the image of TSA agents sitting behind the monitors snickering as young women with generous "racks" submit in the name of security. Lotee-dotee everybody on a random basis will be pushed through these electronic peep shows which is the usual TSA cookie cutter bureaucratic approach to creating the illusion of security. Muslims escaping this ineffective dragnet will march right onto the airplane without a second glance (just as the Nigerian did).

OK boys and girls, its time to grow up and realize how truly stupid this PC driven security system is. I'd say somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 percent of people trying to blow up airplanes today are,....ummm...Muslim. So instead of wasting finite resources checking out every traveling Grannie's nylon undies (or Grandpa's sagging boxer shorts) through an airport scanner, profile by forcing all identifiable Muslims through the scanners for secondary searches.

Is what I suggested perfectly fair? No. Does it make perfect sense in light of what we know? Yes. Therefore, if you are a Muslim, if you look Muslim, are from Muslim country, or even have a Muslim sounding name, you're going into that scanner buddy....before you set foot on any US airplane. Other suspicious characters should go through as well, but the spotlight should absolutely be on the entire identifiable Muslim population boarding US airplanes. In that demographic, you cannot separate the bomb carriers from the enablers and/or indifferent.
Muslims must understand the necessity, for their own survival depends on it ... unless they too are willing to die as martyrs.

I read that Muslim men especially would be offended if their wives went through a scanner. I say all the better, especially if it keeps this risky demographic off our commercial aircraft. Amen.

Until the Muslim jihadists stop their insane quest to impose Sharia law using terrorism, this must be done. Its Muslims that have the motive to blow our planes out of the sky, and its Muslims that bare watching with great intensity.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What We Need Again

"You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our
children (America), the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence
them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail,
at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified
our brief moment here. We did all that could be done." -- Ronald Reagan

We so badly need this kind of leadership. Unless 2010 corrects the ship, we could see it sink forever.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Terrorist Attack Under Obama

As Major Hasan at Ft. Hood claimed more American lives, now a Nigerian almost succeeded in destroying another airliner on Christmas day. Socialist Democrats in Congress scramble to make excuses as to why this individual, who was reported by his father, wasn't put on a no-fly list. I've got the answer already. PC=Political Correctness. It was political correctness that allowed Major Hasan total access inside a secure Army post, and it was political correctness that allowed the Nigerian to board an aircraft with a bomb sewn inside his shit stained undershorts.

Its time we start profiling, by identifying most likely suspects and strip searching them before they get aboard commercial airliners. We waste so much time and effort searching our Grandmas and Grandpas while ragheads from Islamic parts of the world walk aboard unmolested. The reason...random searches...its more "fair". I'm sure the Socialist Democrats in Congress will find a way to blame the Bush administration for this latest attack.

Political correctness almost killed over 200 individuals on that plane. Obama sympathizes with the cause of why terrorists want to kill us. Its American arrogance and exceptionalism. His weak feckless soft power approach makes us a much more likely victim. The wolf hunts the lame and weak, not the strong and fierce.

Barack Hussein Obama....mmmm....mmmm.....mmmm. I'm certain as a result of this attack, the answer will be more random searches insuring many more pairs of Grandma undies are cleared of any explosive devices. TSA to the rescue. Do you feel safer?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

MERRY Christmas.

A Savior is BORN. We cannot save ourselves, but to believe in him...our salvation is assured. He is the way, the truth, the life, whosoever belieth in him shall not perish, but will have everlasting life.

Its snowing in Texas today. Christ commands the Earth, not Al Gore.

This year, all kidding aside, I wish that I could better measure my tone and anger at our ever expanding Government. I desire to think my anger is justified, just as Christ's anger towards the money changer's who were debasing God's Temple.

However, I am grounded enough to know that my judgement is not as perfect... but is it wrong to raise a voice at those who would injustly take from those who justly earn? Isn't it the right of every man to give freely to those he chooses? My Great Grandfather fought the excesses of Government power using force of arms during the late War for Southern Independence. My Great Great Great Grandfather likewise did in the American Revolution.

I cannot do less should I be called upon by good conscious and desparate circumstances. God help me to rightly decide should that time come upon me. I sometimes feel those circumstances grow closer, and I must admit that I shudder at their approach. Pray for our country, that those circumstances can forever be avoided.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Missouri's Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill, just one of the assclowns supporting this abortion of a healthcare bill. Its difficult for me to believe, the State that hosts one of the most visited destinations for Senior Citizens (Branson) would support this horrible bill. This bill guts Medicare, removes Medicare Advantage, and raises deficits and taxes that generations will pay forever. Perhaps, this bill will cause the United States to collaspe entirely. Claire McCaskill is one of 60 Socialists assclowns strangling our Republic. She deserves the scorn of all Patriots.

The remaining GOP Senators need to fight the “Battle of the Alamo”. The courtesy of allowing this vote to move forward without procedural wait times is unacceptable. I realize they want their staffs to get home for Christmas, but this is too important to let go. Everyday they resist, the lame stream media must cover that resistance. Like the Alamo of old, this buys valuable time to build the resistance movement that will sweep Democrats out of office in 2010.No more playing nice. We are dealing with Chicago thugs. This disaster must be repealed.

We need common sense healthcare reform. We don't need this bill. We must start over. Its too important.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hananaka Song

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Israel may be in a fight for its life. Russia is selling ADA batteries to Iran. Iran is moving across the Iraqi border to take oil fields. Iran continues to move forward with its nuclear ambitions. Iran continues to improve its ballistic rocket technology. Connecting the dots?

The feckless soft power approach of Barrack Hussein Obama isn't working. We need to say a prayer for our country, and Israel. Each is in the hands of a President who was nurtured in the Church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and sired by an Islamist father. Obama, a man who felt very comfortable sitting in Bill Ayers living room sharing adult beverages. God help us.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hananaka. Pray. Fight the good fight.

Thanks to You... Democrats...The Commies are Dancing

News Flash....the Socialist Democrat Party are certainly causing a ruckus in Communist Nirvana. A big celebration concerning the recent news that the USA is quickly crumbling from the inside under the leadership of Comrade Hussein.

Khrushchev was right.
"On another occasion, Khrushchev said in reference to capitalism, "Мы вас похороним!" (My vas pokhoronim!), translated to "We will bury you". This phrase, ambiguous both in the English language and in the Russian language, was interpreted in several ways. Later, he would refer back to the comment and state, "I once got in trouble for saying, 'We will bury you'. Of course, we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you".
Thank you ACORN and Illegal Aliens for finally making Khrushchev's dream come true.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fight or Die

Not unexpected, that Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska was finally bought off by one of Harry Reid's backroom deals. These Democrat assclowns are getting ready to change our healthcare delivery system without even reading the bill. They are not Statesmen, but a corrupt gaggle of wheelers and dealers who hide from us the fruits of their evil labor.

Folks, this is it. We have to take a stand now. There won't be time to do it later. The Socialists are succeeding in taking over our banks, auto industry, and now the healthcare system. They are also moving rapidly to take over energy companies under the guise of the climate change hoax (Cap and Trade). Its time for all Patriots to stand against the rise of Government tyranny.

Lets raise flags of defiance to boldly fly in the face of these damn Socialists. These bastards are busily strangling our free Republic. We must resist with all urgency, there is no time to waste. Light the torches, build the parapits, dig the trenches, fix bayonets, and brace yourselves for the fight of a lifetime. The Socialists are behind the wire. Now is the before its too late.

The grand experiment in freedom, the light of the world, our American Republic, is in grave danger. Ride to the sound of gunfire. Let the enemies of freedom tremble at our approach.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Judeo Christian Choice

I've been doing some thinking about our Judeo Christian heritage, and all that's at risk with the rise of secular humanism.

As incredible question as it might be to raise.... especially during the Christmas season... but have you considered that the freedom to "hate" is the only thing that will sustain the freedom to love? Take for example secular humanist liberals favorite subject, hate crime legislation. Hate crime legislation limits choice to hold certain beliefs and will eventually become the chain that binds any freedom of thought. Without the Judeo-Christian world view, secular humanist authority becomes the supreme arbiter of what hate is or is not. By having no supreme arbitor (God), secular humanists will decide for us.

We see examples of this bubbling up in science and culture already. To have a different opinion about evolution, climate change, or homosexual marriage are the best examples. Advocates of contrary points of view are labeled flat earthers, deniers, haters, or homophobes. Secularists don't allow or tolerate disagreement. Careers are ruined, reputations destroyed, or lawsuits launched for expressing points of view contrary to the secular humanist definition of "settled" science or moral relativity.

Hate crime legislation already legislates thought, and increases the punishment of the criminal based on what the criminal was thinking when he or she committed the crime. This of course destroys the concept of equal protection under the law. Beware, once the secular humanist becomes the supreme arbiter of relative morality, then they decide all.

Without the Judeo-Christian world view, there will no longer be freewill or choice. All views contrary to the secular humanist view will be regarded as hate, and those views will eventually be made illegal. That's the brave new world we are creating if we don't turn back quickly to our Christian heritage.

In the Declaration of Independence, we proclaimed we had inalienable rights (God Given). We cannot allow secular humanists to declare there is no God in the founding of this country. Without unalienable rights...the State decides. Do you see the danger now?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Great Music Today

Perfect femininity, perfect beauty, perfect pitch, perfect tone….perfect. If you’re down, this will restore your soul.

On the OUTSIDE Looking In

The Gulf Stream jets, Limos, and whores lined up again to pick up the celebrities and dignitaries for the big Climate Change summit in Copenhagen. Caviar wedges and the finest of wine were flowing in generous quantities. You were not invited, but you’ll pick up the check. No expense or carbons were spared to transport, feed, and house these delegates in ‘abject’ luxury. Their concern, and objective, of course is to determine how the rest of us should live. This has never been about “their” hypocritical lifestyle, but how we…the unwashed masses…abuse the planet. In no case to they intend to live by example, but to place restrictions that will ultimately impact jobs and the larger economy. Like our US Congress, they care little about what we want. This is why our elected Representatives charge ahead with Cap and Trade and this abortion of a Health Care bill.
If you are afraid of the excesses and power of a central Federal Government, be very afraid now. President Hussein intends to put the United States under the governance of world bodies that will dictate how the US uses its own resources. You see, Liberals, and especially our President doesn’t believe America is exceptional. They believe we haven’t been a force for good. These are the people you folks put in charge.

Is this the people we’ve now become?

I hope not, because if that’s true the light illuminating the shining city on the hill just went out.

This climate change game is to enrich the ALGOREs and GEs who are counting on benefiting from Cap and Trade and other countries who think America has become too powerful...too exceptional. We must be stopped, and Barack Hussein Obama intends to do it. He said to his allies, "we are who we've been waiting for".

Friday, December 4, 2009

Creating Jobs

It shouldn't be surprising that Barack Hussein Obama holds another job summit to create the illusion of progress. Who does he invite, but the likes of the SEIU. These union assclowns never created one single job; yet can figure out how to get three or four deadheads hired to do one single job (obviously that someone else creates). Why ask these parasites how to make things better, as these idiots are nothing but life sucking parasites on the ass of economic growth. I hope all the Bush hating Independents that helped elect this Socialist moron to the Presidency gets a good dose of hope and change.

It would be nice if the socialist Democrats finally understoood the Health Care and Cap and Trade Bills looming are killing jobs. No one wants to hire because potential employers don't know what additional costs are coming with passage of either one of these huge tax bills. If we cannot get these clowns out of office soon, we'll all be standing in soup lines.