Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why the TEA Party OUTRAGE?- Take a Look at this Federal Deficit Chart Baby!!!

Need I say more. The Bush years on this chart (GRAY) INCLUDE Iraq and Afghanistan spending. The RED are the the OBAMA deficits. Hussein has tripled the deficit projections this year, and will double it in outgoing years. This isn't counting the Health Care debacle the Obamanator is foisting on us. Much more red would have to be added to illustrate that...

We are in big trouble if we don't make some changes in Congress in 2010 folks. Bush's spending was bad enough, but compared to Obama, Bush looks like a genius. Massive inflation is on the way. Inflation is the most insidious tax increase of all, when our dollar will have the purchasing power of the Mexican peso. Add to this mess the potential costs of the Cap and Trade (Crap and Tax) bill, which will make energy, manufacturing, and everything we buy in America cost more.

Wake up, America, for God's sake, wake up!!!

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