Sunday, September 27, 2009

May the Best Car Win...But Still, the Taxpayer Looses.

Government Motors, formerly General Motors, has a new add campaign offering a 60 day money back guarantee on their products. The idea, of course, is to reduce consumer risk in buying one of their cars over foreign products with a better reputation of quality and economy. Its certainly about time, but I have a major problem with it.

The problem is that its still a nationalized Government owned company. I'm still outraged that this Company came to the imperial Congress asking for our money to compensate for their mismanagement, but also from Union hacks to preserve their unsustainable benefits. All of us who owned mutual funds inside 401K plans that held old GM stock were thrown under the bus. No bail out for us, as old GM stock was rendered worthless. Not only did old GM stockholders pay taxes that bailed GM out; they paid again in old GM worthless stock.

Screw GM. I will never buy another GM car as long as I live, or as long as its a Government owned nationalized industry. Anything the UAW manufactures that WE purchase turns into subsidies to the DNC jackass party. I encourage others not to reward both the Government and the Unions that subsidized the DNC. Screw the Imperial Congress too, who didn't listen to us when we told them to stop bailing out badly managed companies. Screw them all.

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