Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jimmy F-ing Carter

Will we ever see the last of Jimmy Carter? This babbling idiot, who very much like our current President, benefited from public anger against the incumbent Party to achieve political success. Once again, an unprepared weak politician was launched into the most powerful office in the world by simple fate. In Jimmy's day, it was President Gerald Ford. Gerald, appointed VP by Nixon after Agnew's resignation for corruption, later pardoned Nixon. This obviously created much angst throughout the country (the appearance of quid pro quo). The Jimmy Carter 'Southern Christian' image sold to eradicate Government corruption seemed to be a needed change in the country. Holy Mother Maybelle, what a phucking mistake we made. I made it too. I was in college, my first Presidential election to vote... my only defense was youth and a head full of mush. However, as fate would have it, I paid dearly for my mistake, as did the rest of the country. Is this scenario starting to sound familiar?

After graduation, the double digit inflation, double digit interest rates, unmerciful gas prices and lines, and devastating unemployment had me economically reeling and barely surviving in 1978. Not only was Jimmy Carter's domestic policy the Moby Dick of policy disasters, but his foreign policy was a major Charlie Foxtrot. His failure to support the American friendly Shah of Iran against the Islamic fascist Ayatollah Khomeini lead to the takeover of the American embassy. Held hostage for well over a year, that Embassy crisis put on world display the weak feckless third rate leadership of an American President.

Jimmy's anti-Semitism grows with his age, and his recent book, "Peace, Not Apartheid" is on the Osama Bin Laden best seller list. Yes, our former President's book was recommended reading for terrorists. Osama recently puked that out in a recently released tape. You might say, Jimmy Carter first gave Islamic fascists hope that they could dominate the world.

The similarities of Jimmy Carter foreign and domestic policies to the Obama administration are compelling and perhaps frightening. All that liberalism-socialism means is shared misery for all. My hope and prayer is a new generation will arise and see the danger. Perhaps the recent demonstrations on Washington are just the beginning of a movement to restore the Republic that politicians of both parties have been chipping away at for decades. Term limits, term limits, and term limits will curb corruption in the Government.

In the meantime, I just wish Jimmy Carter would STFU, just STFU, please please please STFU. For the record, I hate Jimmy Carter far worse than Obama....but then again Obama has only been in office a few months. I must admit I'm getting there call me a racist when Obama achieves equilibrium with Carter. I just don't phucking care what you liberals call me anymore. It just doesn't matter.


Anonymous said...

Carter is a jackass.

Anonymous said...

"Charlie Foxtrot"...I heard that phrase once before, on the Limbaugh-show recently. Does that actually mean "Cluster Phuck"?