Thursday, September 3, 2009

Communists in the White House

How amusing it is watching talking heads pontificate on how the Obama administration appointed a self avowed commie as a senior Obama advisor. They speculate that the White House didn't adequately vet this guy, or perhaps Obama just didn't know Van Jones . Sound familiar?

The President also said he didn't know Bill Ayer's was a former Underground Weatherman, which was a domestic terrorist organization in the 1960s. When asked why he sat drinking coffee and other adult beverages in Bill Ayer's living room during a meet the candidate event...Obama said I thought he was an English professor.

The President said he sat in Rev. Wright's congregation for 20 long years, and never heard one of his anti American racist rants on Black Liberation Philosophy. How is this possible? By the way, Black Liberation Philosophy and Communism are directly linked and mutually supportive.

And now the Messiah appointed Van Jones to be his Green Jobs Czar, and Obama conveniently didn't know Jones was not only a communist, but believed that our own Government was the force behind 9-11.

As Hillary Clinton once said, "one would have to willingly suspend disbelief".

Barrack Obama is a socialist radical. Believe that. Where is McCarthy when you need him?
PS. Wasn't Sarah Palin right all along, when she said Obama "pal-ed around with terrorists (i.e. Bill Ayers). Too bad the McCain campaign tried to distance themselves from those comments. No truer words were ever spoken. We have seen the warnings Sarah tried to communicate brought to full fruition.

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Anonymous said...

Oh hell NO. THIS administration has got to GO.