Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Communist in the White House Resigned Yesterday

Fox News: Jones afterward issued a blanket apology for his past statements and said the petition (that our Government caused 9-11) does not reflect his views. An aide said Jones didn't carefully review the petition at the time. But that claim was swiftly disputed by "He did agree with that statement and he did sign on to it," 911 spokesman Mike Berger told FOX News in a telephone interview from St. Louis on Friday. Berger said the group's "original board members individually confirmed all signatories that had signed on to the statement." The calls for resignation mounted.

Isn't it interesting, that candidate Barack Obama, said Reverend Wright didn't represent his views? Same bull shit line. Furthermore, the Republicans were using 'guilt by association' when Sarah Palin brought to light Obama's past associations with radicals and criminals. None of that seemed to matter to the press, as they focused on Bristol Palin's pregnancy or creating cruel and false accusations about Trig Palin. How much longer will the media "willingly suspend all disbelief" about the views, associations, and character of Barack Obama?

The Obama administration is socialist, corrupt, and the most unAmerican of all who have ever served in the White House.

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