Sunday, March 1, 2009

What will you do with your freedom?

The siren of a compassionate Government, to take care of every need sings once again of utopia. How long, dear Jesus, will men and women fall for this vision, an illusion that forges the iron fist of tyranny. “Change we can believe in”, “the audacity of hope”, “yes we can”…its all been said before, repainted, repackaged, and resold, to our peril.

America must decide if fear will let the tyrant rule, or will they take charge of their personal lives and say no to this tyrant. We can do for ourselves. That is the fundamental difference between the rationing and lack Government management provides, and surpluses and prosperity that free men acting in their own interest provides. There is no more powerful force than free markets, finding efficiencies through pursuit of profits.

Free markets must be regulated, not to hamper their forces, but to pluck out the corrupt that produce products that do not measure up to the value they advertise. Where money and power exist, corrupt men and women exist. So it is true with Government, until the money is gone.

Before we enter into the era of big Government, let us learn again the lesson of the Soviet Union. Here, we had a country, a worker's nation, that tried to provide housing, education, healthcare, without the power of free markets. Using the currency of their Christian heritage and work ethic, it worked for a time. Then the great experiment in socialism started to crumble as the forces of corruption made some in that society more valuable than others. The highest value assigned by the Government were to those who promoted the socialist state, not the workers, engineers, scientists, doctors, farmers, and others who made value out of raw materials. The average Soviet began to see how fruitless it was to work hard, because no benefit of that labor ever returned to them or members of their family. They used to have a joke about the Soviet socialist State, “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work”.

There is the failure of socialism, and its built-in and certain. A man will do more for himself than he will do for the greater good of any State. Those who claim to concern themselves with the greater good of the State are the political commissars who take the best for themselves, while they use the whip of State power to beat their worker classes to death. Eventually, the worker will quit or die, as the socialist state has killed any motivation to work. All that’s left to motivate in such a State is fear. The pretty words, ‘each according to his ability, each according to his need” never addressed the needs of the human spirit.

Although Obama is a charismatic figure, let us not fall for this again. As age creeps into my bones, I can do little but call out the alarm that the Socialists are coming. They are riding hard in our direction, and once again American patriots must ride out to meet and stop them.


Ron Russell said...

Found your site after you commented after me on another blog. Like the looks of your site---I'm from southwest Mississippi. Visit me sometimes at Penny Patch-Politely Patrician. Ya'll come!!

Poor Wilber said...

will do, welcome.