Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

I just returned from a spring break vacation and happened by Marfa Texas. This is becoming another isolated art colony, where ex-hippies seem to congregate to commune with nature. I thought that era was dead forever, but old hippies in graying pony tails suffering from deodorant allergies still walk the earth. New 'baby' hippies are also spawning, so it must be in the gene pool somewhere...that only surfaces under certain conditions (usually during evil Republican administrations-hehe).

I suppose liberal 'hippiedom' is predictably a 'right of passage' for youth to go through a stage of misplaced compassion for the nonworking poor and other unmotivated parasites looking for someone to feed them. Oh yeah, and don't forget 'world peace'. Most eventually grow out of it and learn that feeding the stupid and lazy is like chasing a mirage. They soon learn the more compassion you give, more dependents are created to serve your compassion. The ones that don't learn this end up in San Francisco or places like Marfa. Compassion. of course, should be reserved for the elderly, sick, and youth (the vulnerable), but instead its wasted on the foolish thanks to the hippie (Obama) culture, sigh. Compassion provided to the able bodied welfare queens of our culture, i.e. Octo-Mom, only rewards the giver with more recipient demands, so unfortunately we'll never run out of the indolent or hippies. But I digress.

Two of the most interesting things in Marfa is that was the filming location of the film, 'Giant'. The old Paisano Hotel (pictured above), where all the stars stayed during the filming was recently reopened. Oh yeah, those were the days, before Rock Hudson was outed. Life just seem to be cleaner, when people at least had the good manners to keep their sexual perversions in the closet.

The Hotel Paisano was built in 1930, to accommodate the expected oil boom in that area that never materialized. The Hotel is much like it was during the filming in the fifties, an interesting place to walk through through and stay. They have a great chicken fried steak, but who doesn't in Texas?

The second interesting feature of Marfa is the mysterious "Marfa Lights". East of town, these light orbs appear somewhere over Mitchell flats. Allegedly seen since the 1800's, these things appear as singular orbs or in groups. However, most of those early sighting were attributed to a 1957 article and are primarily legendary. I did see these things, and they were fascinating enough for me to do some additional research. Its likely these lights are actually headlights from a distant roadway (highway 67). They seem to appear after dark or dusk, and become less frequent as traffic volume declines on 67. A UT group did some research, and it seems the light orb movements are predictable based on traffic movements along this highway. It does create an interesting illusion none the less. Much like the illusion that massive spending by the Obama Democrats will help the economy.

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