Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time for Another Revolution

by Frank Chodorov

[From One is a Crowd, by Frank Chodorov, 1952.]

The Basic Social Struggle

The Founding Fathers forged well. Putting aside what it might have been, the Constitution did pay homage to the doctrine of natural rights. It did so by the simple expedient of putting restraints and limitations on the powers of government. We learn from their published statements that the intent of the Founding Fathers was to prevent the despised "democrats," should they come into power, from using it for spoliation. They were quite forthright about it, and not a little could be said in favor of their thesis. In recent years the "mob" they feared has indeed come into power and the result seems to support the contention of Madison, Adams, and Hamilton.

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Its difficult to believe this was written in 1952, it sounds more contemporary.


Ron Russell said...

Did the one arrive on a surf board or just one step ahead of a Lion.? What ever the case he brought Kenyan Keynesianism with him.

Poor Wilber said...

yep, government paid hole digging, and government paid hole filling. Money moving, but ain't growing.