Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Government is not Supposed to Run the Economy

I think some folks need to take a civics course in American government.The Government does not control the economy. The government is supposed to regulate commerce, not create it. How in the world can any American citizen believe, under the American system of Government, that Government should create jobs or wealth?

In 1918, the Bolsheviks took over the Russian monarchy and created a so-called workers paradise. In the Soviet Union, the Government did run the economy. The Soviet Government decided how resources were spent, determined what crops would be planted, what products would be manufactured, and how many workers would be needed to produce those goods and services, what those products should cost, and what the workers should be paid to produce them. The Soviet Government also decided where you lived, where you worked, and what level of education you needed to do those jobs, and determined what rationed benefits you should have. It was a dreary economic system, that provided few choices, and generated none of prosperity that we in the West enjoy (or take for granted today). That system collapsed under its own weight, and the GNP (amount of production) could not match the outlay of Government spending. That’s where this country is heading if we don’t stop our current government from the reckless spending they’re currently engaged under this new budget.

If the public wants jobs and a better economy, the voting booth is not the place to get them…unless you’re talking about getting Government out of the markets so the prosperity that free enterprise creates can do its thing. The government needs to regulate, but it can’t create jobs without taking over the economy (like the Soviet Union did, or China, or nationalize industries like what’s going on in Venezuela today). The path to jobs is pursuing education, starting businesses, and taking risks. The Government cannot do that for us. The Government cannot make people go into business, the Government cannot make people provide jobs, the Government cannot make people work.

If you are demanding Government create jobs and wealth, then you are of the same mindset of the Soviet Bolsheviks of 1918. That is not the way our system works, nor should it. We live in a free country. You’re free to pursue any kind of education you want, go into any business you want, move anywhere in the country you want, have any kind of job your able to secure, and make any amount of money your ability will allow. We don’t want Government to make those decisions for us. Freedom brings with it responsibility and risk, but the alternative is much worse. So, I only wish the Obongos (bong inhaling Obama supporters) would stop the endless whining and get off their asses and do something about their own situation rather than waiting on the Government to do something. It reminds me of the Katrina survivors that didn’t have the good sense, after numerous warnings, to get out of the path of a major hurricane. Instead, they ended up on their rooftops waving signs to Government helicopters to rescue them. Man, I am sick of this type of irresponsibility. It is absolutely pathetic and uncharacteristic of America or Americans.

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