Saturday, March 14, 2009


Perhaps yellow journalism has always been a part of our culture. As I reflected on the press attacks on Sarah Palin by scoundrels in the MSM, I ran across a letter by Robert E. Lee, who was similarly attacked in the press. See the letter below, written in 1866, and his attitude towards media bias.

Lee was eventually vindicated by his reputation, and became a great and respected American Statesman. Its a shame almost 145 years after slander reigned in what was then the MSM during reconstruction, Robert E. Lee has suffered renewed attacks by history revisionist liberals. Likewise, these miscreants similarly attack the memories of George Washington and Harry Truman. As someone once said, "it doesn't take a brave dog to bark at the bones of lions".

We can only hope the truth will eventually emerge victorious, and those who have slandered hero's of our American past will all disappear into the abiss of other "15 minute famers" who no one remembers.

Sarah Palin can take comfort that she is in good company. To draw the fire of low life bottom feeding trolls is a high honor. There really is no freedom of the press, unless you own one.

Lexington, Virginia, April 13, 1866.
My Dear Sir:

Your letter of the 5th inst., inclosing a slip from the Baltimore American, has been received. The same statement has been published at the North for several years. The statement is not true; but I have not thought proper to publish a contradiction, being unwilling to be drawn into a newspaper discussion, believing that those who know me would not credit it and those who do not would care nothing about it.

I cannot now depart from the rule I have followed. It is so easy to make accusations against the people at the South upon similar testimony, that those so disposed, should one be refuted, will immediately create another; and thus you would be led into endless controversy. I think it better to leave their correction to the return of reason and good feeling.

Thanking you for your interest in my behalf, and begging you to consider my letter as intended only for yourself, I am,
Most respectfully your obedient servant,

R. E. Lee.

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