Wednesday, February 18, 2009

REFORM Should be the 2012 Campaign Message.

I believe the GOP better start getting a message together, and I believe Palin had it. REFORM.

Hows that? A spin off of Ronald Reagan's famous chestnut, Trust but Verify. I believe it originally came from a Russian proverb, but it works nonetheless.

Reform to the fair tax and make our exports competitive again and put Americans back to work. Get rid of the IRS.

Reform Government, whittling it back as fast as we can. Get rid of the Department of Education and give those dollars back to the States.

Reform Energy Policy, making us independent of oil by domestic production, nuclear power, clean coal, and leverage wind/solar where it might make sense.

Reform SEC to better regulate business and securities fraud.

Reform the CNA, and loan only to those who can pay it back.

Reform spending, and finally passing a line item veto for Federal budgets.

Reform the Government by establishing, by referendum, that the federal Government has limits and will not effect the free market exchange of goods. Reaffirm the 10th Amendment of the Constitution.

Can you add to this Reform platform?

1 comment:

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