Saturday, February 21, 2009

Henrietta Hughs...Moving on Up to the East Side.

How touching.

The saga of Henrietta Hughs, who somehow managed to cart her goat smelling ass to Florida from New York, for this chance encounter with the Messiah, the anointed one, to ask for a place to live. You see, what poor Henrietta didn't know that the Messiah already had an illegal alien aunt on public assistance, and a half brother in Kenya living inside a card board box. Like the empty suit he truly is, Obama hands her off to one of his 'staff'. It actually took a Republican Rep to provide a roof for Henrietta....and with little doubt, ungrateful Henrietta thanked the Messiah for the generosity of someone else. The Messiah, a liberal through and through, is very long as its not his money.

God help me, I'm so sick of these people with their hand out. Able bodied people, begging the President of the United States to provide a house, food, health care, everything but a job.

When did the burden of Henrietta Hughs existence become my responsibility? I am just say in. I know that sounds hard ass, but that's exactly what people like Henrietta need (a good solid direct kick to the ass). No more hand outs. Time to get to work. I know people like this, and compassion is wasted on them. Henrietta needs to learn that laziness always leads to poverty, and that hunger should always lead to work.

Nadya Suleman is another blazing example of welfare class, who believes the public owes her a living. Isn't it about time these people finally felt the consequences of their own irresponsibility? Even desperate circumstances never led either one of these welfare queens to a job. Its enlightening that these royal Highness's of public assistance didn't loose once ounce of lard (ass) in the pursuit of useful effort.

I'm pissed. I'm furious that I, and you (if you have a job), have to foot the bill for this pathetic pool of genetic losers that continue to bury their parasitic pie holes deep into our hides like wretched ticks.

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