Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pelosi's Expensive Mouse

The 30,000,000 dollars slated for the preservation of the salt water mouse, just how many of these critters are out there (how much is each mouse worth)? Lets say, since its endangered, that there are 10,000 of these creatures stirring around in the coastal grasses of San Fransicko. That's roughly 3 thousand dollars per mouse. That mouse costs more than every dog I've ever owned my entire life, more than my big screen TV set cost, and an amount totaling way over my beer budget for the next five years. One f'ing mouse.

Wouldn't be cheaper just to kill the cats? I'm just sayin, save a mouse, kill a cat. Sorry, I'm not a cat person.

This stuff is so ridiculous, its beyond debate. The stimulus bill has to be an admission by Congress and BO that they haven't an f'ing clue what their doing. We have got to restore some Congressional opposition in 2010, to pull some of this mindless spending back or we're screwed as a country.

You couple this with every third world tin horn beating their chests that the US needs to start seeing things their way...your honor, I rest my case.
God gave the human species a brain to reason, and many in November voted with the wrong organ. The heart is emotional, but the brain uses reason. Decisions can't be made based on the way we feel, but based on reason. Don't ever vote with your heart, use your brain. The Obongos (bong inhaling Obama supporters) need to sober up and start thinking, instead of letting emotional "Bush lied thousands died" rhetoric short circuit their brains. Obama has to go.
Hey Hey
Ho Ho
Barack Obama's got to go.
Hey Hey
Ho Ho,
Socialism just say no

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