Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Goose is Finally Cooked- The Second Saint Valentines Massacre

The Stimulus I suppose is done. Money will pour into allies of the Democrat party under the seedy direction of Rahm Emanuel. Democrats voted for this bill without reading it. This may be regarded as the second Saint Valentines Massacre.

Change is coming, but no one know what it is. This is scary stuff. It feels like the United States has been taken over by some banana republic government. The crazy socialist Senator from Vermont, Leahy, wants to begin tribunals to investigate the Bush administration for a list of liberal generated 'offenses' surrounding torture and surveillance. Reminds me of the so-called truth commissions conducted in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We are truely moving to third world status politically and financially. What is more troubling about this is a recent US Gallup Poll that indicates 60 percent of us want some sort of independent investigation, or even criminal charges filed against the Bush administration. Can this be true? With unemployment, war, and terrorism afflicting us, is it possible that a majority of Americans want to waste time and money to pursue a policy of political revenge? If so, we are in big trouble. I would have liked to have seen investigations of the FNC and Mark Rich pardons by the Clinton administration. However, our better angels urged us to move on, so we did. That's good advice for Democrats that want to embroil the country in endless investigations.

BO then moves to control the census. As Stalin said, he who votes doesn't decide anything, but he who counts the votes decides everything. The prospect of ACORN running the US census is absolutely frightening. Is this the change we can believe in? Those of us who didn't support Barack Obama hoped and prayed he would govern from the center. His actions of the first three weeks indicates that he is taking a hard left. Could it perhaps mean that he is trying to get all of the political graft done first (as Clinton did during his first term), then move to the center? This would give folks four years to forget all this in time for his second term. I don't think so.

I think Barack Obama is the most dishonest politician that ever entered office. How anyone could believe that he was surprised by the radicalism of his minister, Reverend Wright, or that he didn't know Bill Ayers was a former American radical and terrorist at the time Ayers hosted a "meet the candidate" event. Its just too much for me to get past. I believe BO will lie about anything, and nothing he eloquently states is worthy of belief. He lied about transparency, the stimulus bill rocketed through without any analysis of whats in it. His minions put it out at midnight, and voted on it before lunch the next day. Over one thousand pages, in PDF format, so those who tried to review it couldn't perform key word searches to get some idea what is in this package. Republican Senators Specter, Snowe, and Collins just gave the keys to the store to this radical administration... to spend 1,000 billion dollar bills. No pork; this thing is the whole pig.

The audacity of hope may mean the audacity of transforming the United States into a socialist state right in front of us while he channels Abraham Lincoln. BOs giant goose is finally done, and now our children's children will be trying to eat it for decades to come. Beam me up, Scotty.

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