Saturday, November 1, 2008


How depressing these time are.

In 1991, as a former cold warrior, I never thought I would see the fall of the Berlin Wall in my lifetime. I was so shocked at how quickly the Soviet Union collapsed. It seemed it happened all at once to most Americans, because the government owned Soviet media (Pravda) was a closed network that never reported the truth. You know, sorta like the U.S. media today.

I am shocked, again, that I may be witnessing the downfall of the United States by a socialist regime. A government that thinks wealth belongs to the Government, and not the people who developed it.

I cannot quite get my head around the idea that we are about to turn the nuclear football over to an inexperienced junior Senator, with radical ties to some of the worst people ever produced by America, and socialist ideals of redistributing wealth.

America is in great peril. The time for prayer is NOW. Let us prayer God will spare us from this fate, and restore our Nation.

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