Saturday, November 22, 2008

Men in Earrings

No one symbol of a major change in our culture in my mind than men in earrings. Reminds me of the Monte Python film, "Men in Tights".

Could this signal the downfall of western civilization, the feminization of men?

On a business trip, had a big Texan traveling with me once warn a young earring wearing feller not "to wear that damn earring in Texas". He ask why, and my Texas friend said, "we foak anything wearing earrings in Texas". Sometimes you just got to hit'em with a two-by-four, so they 'get it'. I don't think these boys know how sissy they appear to non-feminized men. As Jerry Seinfeld was referred to in one episode when he started carrying a purse, a 'fancy boy'.

To fellow men who wear them....your really not all that cute. Unless of course, you come to Texas.

You know what the three biggests lies in Texas are?

1. My great great grandaddy fought at the Alamo.
2. I won that beltbuckle at a rodeo.
3. I was just helping that sheep over the fence.

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