Sunday, November 2, 2008


Why don't we do away with elections, and let the main stream media and polling companies decide who is President.

Nothing has been more toxic to our free elections than the steady cadence of polling. It drives millions and millions of spending on commercials. Pollsters then track like stock brokers minor trends or shifts in the "market" constantly measuring, evaluating, and pontificating on what all of it means. I'm sick of it frankly. Now, we also have this 'American Idol' mentality, where candidates must be rock stars as well. Never mind if they're qualified to carry the nuclear football, but rather are they good looking, do they use clever soundbites, etc. The media drives this, as qualifications are not intellectual, but emotional based on that candidates presentation and media savvy.

We are potentially about to elect the most inexperienced individual to the Presidency in our history. He looks and sounds good, but with a resume so shallow we don't know if can lead. We live in dangerous times, and I'm afraid its going to get more dangerous given the choice the American people are considering making.

The political divisions in the United States will become sharper, and I don't see any relief in site.

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The Gunslinger said...

Obama is the Media's creature: made, packaged and sold by them.

And so...he is THEIR President.

And we need to hold them responsible for everything he does.