Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Closing Gitmo & Other Insanity

The ACLU will finally have their way, moving terrorists out of Gitmo and try them in US Courts with full Constitutional rights and taxpayer funded lawyers..

This was apparently both the goal of the Democrat and Republican nominees for President.
Another reason McCain lost, by the way.

I guess we'll eventually find them innocent on a technicality, i.e. to prevent revealing National Security secrets, then turn them loose in the USA, and hopefully they'll settle in San Francisco with the rest of the misfit toys. Isn't America great. Take up arms against our country, kill Americans, and get US residency, maybe even a Government job, loan..maybe even an apology in the form of a civil settlement. The Mexican drug dealer our agents righteously shot in the ass got about 5 Mil, no telling what liberal courts and scum sucking lawyers will get out of this deal.

Perhaps they can even get a chair at the University where Bill Ayers teaches in Chicago.

This just in.... Janet Reno's sidekick is the new Attorney General. I've got to stop, my fun meter is pegging out. Eric Holder, was intimately involved in the Mark Rich pardon, so Clinton could get his library financed by the rich Richs.

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