Sunday, November 9, 2008

Can't Beat Democrats by Becoming One

If we don't get the faux conservatives out of the GOP decision making business, the GOP is screwed.
No one is more disappointed in George Bush than me. He sold himself as a "compassionate conservative" but that apparently meant that he was a moderate Republican. He barely beat John Kerry in 2004. If not for swift boat veterans exposing the lie of the John Kerry war hero narrative, Bush would have sorely failed.
George Bush, nor his father, are conservatives. They held a few socially conservative positions, but were not small government fiscal conservatives by any stretch of the imagination.
Now the GOP Rockefeller Republicans (Bushies) are totally delusional, blaming Sarah Palin for bringing down the ticket. Lets review:

1. Before Sarah Palin, money was not flowing in to the GOP, nor did John McCain generate enough volunteers to even man his campaign offices. After the Palin pick, money and volunteers flowed into the campaign, and McCain's poll numbers began to rise dramatically.

2. It was John McCain, who blew his growing lead after the Palin pick, suspending his campaign to march to Washington to help push through a highly unpopular 850 billion dollar bailout abortion. He once again welded himself to George Bush, and THAT represented the final misstep amplifying his earlier faux pas, when he stated that the economic fundementals were 'sound' (during the biggest 401K meltdown in history). That statement was as politically retarded as Cheneys public endorsement of John McCain. McCain's only response to the economy was Joe the Plumber, while Obama rolled out an array of respected economic advisors he was consulting to address the problem. It was John McCain that showed up to a economic gun fight with a squirt gun. Don't get me wrong, I like Joe, but McCain should have had his own economic plan and strategy.

3. It was John McCain that did not attack Obamas energy plan, holding back because of his own cap and trade global warming nonsense, while Sarah could only nibble around the edges (due to McCain campaign restraints). Energy policy drives the economy, and McCain's global warming views made any attacks on Obamas no drilling and no coal, no nuclear almost moot. The McCain opposition research on this issue was asleep at the switch.

4. It was also John McCain, who refused to introduce attacks directed at the Democrat party in general, against the Franks and Dodds, whose resistance to reforming Fannie and Freddie were low hanging fruit for GOP attacks.

5. It was John McCain who refused to attack the true character of Barack Obama, calling him a patriot, despite his nefarious associations with Rev. Wright, Ayers, Pflagar, Farakhan, and socialist groups.

6. It was John McCain who would not attack Obama on gay marriage and his fanatical support of abortion on demand. This was a 70% issue, and he left it on the table.

7. It was John McCain that didn't even bring up illegal immigration and border security, another 80% issue left on the table. Obama wants to issue driver licenses to illegals, and to leave that alone, is one in many examples of how foolishly McCain has run this campaign.

No more RINOs or loser moderates like "Tom Ridge". Those who think Tom Ridge could have out Democrated the Democrats and helped John McCain win are delusional. You need help, my friends, serious help. You can't beat Democrats by becoming one.

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