Sunday, November 16, 2008

Judicial Tyranny

It seems to me, that the United States has demonstrated it is increasingly divided over the roll of religion in society. As our country becomes more 'diverse', religions from many parts of the world have taken root here. The Christian faith, from the secularists point of view, gets lumped in with the rest. By lumping Christianity with other religions, secular humanists have been more successful in dismissing Christianity as another superstition. This view has also allowed revisionist historians to exclude the Christian heritage of America, and introduce secular humanist morality (sometimes assisted by liberal mainstream Christian Churches). Here are a couple of examples.

Hate crime legislation. Nothing more chilling to freedom of speech. A person can now be put in prison for thoughts and speech, or sued in a civil court, if the secular humanists decide its hateful. In Canada, these vehicles are being used to chill Churches from speaking out against the homosexual movement. Punishing hate speech is dangerous, as it allows whoever is in control of the central government to decide what speech is allowed or not allowed by declaring it hate.

Supreme Court Rulings: Separation of Church and State--the Everson decision of1947. This ruling, having the effect of bench legislation, has been used to silence Christians in the public square. Ironically, it seems to be used by courts to attack Christianity in particular, as it overlooks public displays of other faiths as wonderful demonstrations of our great diversity. We all know that the Constitution of the United States NEVER advocated the separation of church and state, and only prevented the National Government from ESTABLISHING a State religion. It seems the interpretation of the 1st Amendment has gone as far to imply a Bible sitting on a teachers desk as a violation of the establishment clause. Government, however, has gotten involved in establishing the new religion of Secular Humanism. This one ruling has done more damage to our culture and way of life in ways that would be difficult to measure.

A call to action is to work to insure the Everson decision is overturned. That should be the mission of every Christian in America. Once this outrage is remedied, rules on hate speech, local control of schools, and abortion on demand will collapse with it.

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