Saturday, May 30, 2009


A racist, member of La Raza (the Race) activist Judge without a doubt. She telegraphed her views when she stated that it was the appellate court's role to establish policy (law). Forget the Constitution and the separation of powers, its now the courts job to write law. Never mind she very plainly said a Latina is smarter than a white man (the only distinction is race in her pronouncement). If racism is evil, then all of it is evil. It's equally obvious that a white judge could not survive the vetting process after making such an offensive statement.

The Republican Senators, Cornyn, Hutchinson, Hatch, all seem soft on stopping this nomination. We should not have much hope that our RINO heros will rise to the occasion. Remember this....the violent street gang Mara Salvatrucha issued orders from federal prison to teach the Minutemen a lesson they will not forget.....then...President Bush called the Minute Men right wing extremists. Attorney General Gonzales, a member of La Raza, sought prosecution of the two 'border guards for shooting a Mexican drug smuggler in the ass. It was the GOP during the Bush administration which supported corporate interests for cheap labor pouring across the border. RINOs are just as interested in Mexican illegal votes as the Democrats. They all make me sick.

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