Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheney's Smack Down

Isn't it nice to watch Dick Cheney kick Obama's ass like a big bass drum? I never thought it would happen in my life time. There is a God.

Cheney has finally gotten the little pink bunny with the bass drum. What the hell? Did someone put a new battery in his pacemaker? I don't know what happen, but whatever it is, I like it a lot...a whole lot.

Although I disagreed with Bush administration quick launch into Iraq, I mostly disagreed with the management of the war. The Bush administration failed to adequately respond to the insurgency, and let Bremer and Rumsfeld fiddle fart around by resisting increasing troop levels appropriately. Much like Clinton's failure to put armored vehicles in Somalia (Blackhawk down incident), Bush's failure to put boots on the ground to respond to the collapsing Iraqi regime and resulting security vacuum is unforgivable. As I said earlier, Americans don't like to loose wars. This one fumble was the misstep most responsible for the Bush administration's low polling numbers.

However, except for securing our borders, the Bush administration has done a great job in restoring our intelligence capabilities after decades of Democratic destruction of our ability to spy on people. Starting with the Church Committee in the 70s and Gorelick's wall between domestic and foreign intelligence services, the Democrats just don't like collecting human intelligence (Its a hippie thing..don't trust da 'man'). Cheney is a surprisingly effective spokesman on counter-terrorism, and is gaining ground against the Obama's administration return to the failed pre-9-11 mindset. Kickem again Mr. VP, their still wiggling.

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