Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reflection on the Obama Amature Hour Presidency

One thing stands out about our new Socialist President is his lack of understanding of what it means to show public affection for the worlds worst dictators. Its called propaganda. Each thug, who manages to use stories or pictures of the President of the United States shaking hands, or deeply bowing, destroys the morale of the opposition movements within those wretched countries. In every country, there is an oppressed opposition hiding, serving time in shit hole prisons, or fighting the dictators henchmen. Even worse for some of them...lying in mass graves, or waiting to be thrown into one. It is absolutely heart wrenching for these opposition groups to see the leader of the free world receiving gifts and handshaking with the thug dictator that is oppressing them.
When asked by the press, Obama said that he didn't see how the United States strategic interests were hurt by shaking the hand of Hugo Chavez. You see, he just doesn't get it. Everything the leader of the free world does has consequences, Mr. President. I hope we won't be calling you that for very long, God help us.

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