Monday, May 25, 2009

Dear Leader shot the Messiah the Bird

The 'Dear Leader' of North Korea is at it again. So this is the Obama's Smart Power diplomacy. Is that like Black Power?

Lets just see how turning America back into a weak feckless third rate power through spreading the BO magical hope and change agenda truly works.

Don't look Ethel, thar goes another American city. While the world 'nukes up', Obama's strategy is for America to unilaterally disarm. I feel so safe. With Nancy Pelosi attacking our own CIA, and Janet Napolatano keeping a watchful eye on returning America combat veterans.... not to mention Erik Holder disarming the American public....things are rolling right a snowball into hell.

When will we finally learn that weakness only invites attacks? Predators are drawn to bleeding and limping prey....and that's the Hussein Obama administration. Dear Leader is probably singing...yes we can can can, yes we can can can.....

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