Sunday, May 10, 2009


Put this in the category of elitist Republicans who have been drinking their own bath water so long, they no longer understand the principals that move voters in America. I think the GOP should call it the denial tour, not the listening tour. They already have determined what the answer is, so they're just going out to get some feedback to assure them of conclusions they've already reached. How many of us really expect them to emerge with the right answer?

Jeb Bush, if your listening, here are just a few pointers.

1. Americans do not like exercises in Nation building. We don't want to be embroiled in foreign wars ever. Your brother, hastily involved us in Iraq, then refused to change strategy when everyone (except the Bush administration) realized it wasn't working. While the insurgency continued to grow, the Bush administration continued to stick with the Rumsfeld and Cheney "stay the course" line. The Republicans destroyed their reputation, and got many more American troops unnecessarily killed by failing to realize that higher force levels were needed in the theater. Additionally, a General, not a American civilian administrator (Bremer) was needed to respond to the deteriorating situation. It was also here, the American people found out that the Bush administration had absolutely NO PLAN to respond to this contingency, while many analysts had handed it the possibility that this kind of scenario might unfold. The Bush administration continued to stay the course, and we got our butts kicked. Lesson number 1, Americans don't like to loose wars.

Note: Its interesting to also point out, that had Bush replaced Rumsfeld 6 months before the 2006 midterms instead of the day after the election, he might have been able to save the House or Senate. President Bush himself said he waited to replace Rummy (after the election) because he didn't want such a move to look political. WTF?

2. Conservatives and independents expect Republicans to reduce spending and Government, not grow either. The Bush administration, even if one sets aside the cost of the Iraqi war, grew government and spent more than LBJ domestically. From farm and transportation bills, to passing medicare drug prescription, Bush irresponsibly spent, and spent, and spent. Conservatives don't like big spenders. All this spending tarnished the Republican brand, and allowed even F'in Barack Hussein Obama to step to the RIGHT of John McCain on tax cuts and fiscal responsibility. Bush and the Republicans were so bad on this point the unwashed masses bought it hook, line, and sinker. Third parties gained strength, and enervated support for a left bending John McCain.

3. Primaries need to be CLOSED to Republicans only. If you allow Democrats select your candidate again, you will loose again.

4. Here is the most important point. Republicans don't need to move left to win the next election. The failure of John McCain ought to be a teaching moment for the GOP. Continued leftward drifting will further fracture the conservative base, libertarians, and independents, and you'll win nothing. The right of center public doesn't want a choice between blue and light blue.

For the members of the Listening tour...if your really listening, wise up. If your not, then go ahead and promote another big government Rockefeller Republican and see what happens. Continue to invoke the names of the socialist Teddy Roosevelt and federal power tyrant Abraham Lincoln and see what happens. Leave the era of Reagan behind, and just fricken see what happens.

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SactoDan said...

They are not listening. That's why I am no longer a Republican.

Good blog dude.