Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Religious Liberty

If we are just one justice away from loosing religious liberty in the public space, then we have to figure out how to eliminate that risk. Carson said a President has no duty to enforce or carry out Court legislation. The Supreme Court has legislated on abortion, and they have legislated on the definition of marriage for State licensing. Neither of these issues are found within the context of the Constitution, yet the court ruled.

We need leaders willing to challenge the courts, and to remind them they are only one branch of the three. If the Supreme Court takes it upon themselves to decide what is or isn't Constitutional based on tortured logic and invented rights not literally found in the document, and their authority to do so must be challenged by the President and Congress. Once any kind of contract is signed, you can't add inferences or demand rights that were never explicitly cited. The Court can't, and shouldn't be permitted to do this either.

If the Court is the final arbiter (which I don't believe), then lets do away with Congress and let the unelected judges decide what the law should be? Due to activism, the Courts have become political bodies, and should be treated as such.

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