Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Strawman of "Mass Deportation"

The "mass deportation" rubric is really a GOP establishment strawman to continue the status quo. The strawman creates the false imagery of a police state to discredit proponents of enforcing our immigration laws. What Trump's plan includes is enforcing immigration law and prioritizing criminals that are currently being released back into US communities. If employers are required to use e-verify before hiring individuals, it will turn off the job magnet and force illegals who either flew here, drove here, sailed here, or walked here to leave on their own. With no access to work or benefits, they have no incentive to stay. I'm so sick of the "mass deportation" strawman being used to discredit enforcement of US laws. There are priorities, strategies, and tactics to turn off the spigot of illegal include building the wall and stopping visa overstays.

If other GOP candidates have published a better plan, other than "its all about love", I'm willing to consider it. I listened to Kasich yesterday on Syrian immigrants, and he went on another moralistic rant and said we need to help bring this dangerous lot of refugees into the US or we should tear down the Statue of Liberty. Really? Kasich had no idea how we would screen dangerous ISIS plants in this group, but said it was our duty anyway. That is easy for an elite politician to say, who has taxpayer provided security and lives behind a security fence or in a gated community.

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