Friday, November 6, 2015

The Saga of Hillary Clinton

Much more to report on Hillary Clinton, who told the families of the dead and the American people that it was a spontaneous attack due to a UTube video. Emails prove she was lying, as she told the Syrian President, the Egyptian prime minister, and her daughter it was a terrorist attack by an Al Qaeda "like' group the very next day. Not an angry mob demonstrating. You don't bring heavy mortars to a demonstration. The spontaneous response due to a UTube video was a cover story.

Why is this important? Trust. She lied to cover the fact that her State Department did little to protect the consulate after cable after cable (600 of them to be precise) requesting, begging, urgently yelling for additional security. She did nothing, her State Department did nothing. The key reason she used the video and the spontaneous narrative was to claim she nor her staff could have anticipated this attack. Her own email traffic absolutely proves she was lying to the families and the American people.

Secondly, she claimed no classified information was on her server, which is nonsense. Every one that's ever held a security clearance understands and is briefed on what represents classified information. Even if information is not marked (as she claims), you understand by the nature of the information whether to treat it as classified. Her excuse that information or emails were not marked does not mesh with her responsibilities to protect sensitive information. Careless handling is a criminal offense.

None of this is a political charade

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