Friday, September 4, 2015

US Education

The educational model is broken in the USA. Half of US STEM graduates even find work in these fields. Industry claims they need H1B visas to file positions, so something is wrong here. Either US universities are not meeting the mark with educational standards, or we have a nasty mix of corruption between Government and Industry to force US wages down. Yes, college is useful, or was useful, but too many are finding $100K plus in college loan debt is not worthy of 50K per year jobs they are offered.

The 'rounding' of US engineering graduates with expensive communist ideology and propaganda apparently makes them generally too expensive to hire. Foreign technical school graduates are in much higher demand for US industry. That educational model uses a lower cost vocational approach...minus the "rounding" courses required in US university curriculum. Educational costs continue to rise far above inflation levels, while wages continue to fall due to influx of foreign technical graduates with more competitive educations.

I am a retired project manager for a major defense industry. My observation with all this is the failure of industry to accurately define what is required for jobs currently being performed. Generally managers with engineering backgrounds over qualify job descriptions. As a result, they end up with high turnover of bored engineers. They predictably then claim they can't find qualified Americans to fill those positions. It's a ridiculous assertion. The failure is really not understanding the qualifications and training needed for the jobs they need done. They want foreign engineers, and trap them to those jobs with H1B visas

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