Saturday, March 6, 2010

RINO Treachery on the March....Again.

Our old pal Lindsay Graham is back to his old tricks. He has been making several trips to the White House to discuss… guess what? Immigration reform. Yes South Carolina, our favorite RINO is sharpening the knife to slip in the back of the Tea Party movement once the Senate Health Care plan is passed in the House. Remember when the President assured everyone that illegal immigrants would not receive subsidized healthcare? So, in comes the solution, make illegal aliens….well legal. Thank you Lindsay Graham, we thought the era of RINO bipartisanship and Democrat-lite politics were over.

My guess is our favorite RINO is in the pocket of the carpet bagging tourist industry on the South Carolina coast. Michael Steele, what say you about this new bit of treachery baking in the oven?

South Carolina Republicans, the ball is in your court. South Carolina Tea Partiers, you better get busy. With Lindsay working with Obama and Rahm, can ‘reach across the aisle’ McCain (McAmnesty) be that far behind? Once McAmnesty secures his race in Arizona, he'll be his old bi-partisan self. McCain has managed to temporarily shut his wife up on supporting gay marriage (and his progressive skanky daughter), but the dam will burst after the 2010 election. Maybe the rumors about Lindsay are...nah.

See short snipet on Fox here.

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